An Autobiography of Christ the Second

The Bible continuation

Foreword: This book is the personal testimony of the Son of God whose only remaining task upon leaving the world with this book will be that of judgement. It will shed light on the concealed reasons for God's wrath and tell the story of His only begotten Son's journey through a second life in the culturally marxist Sweden. Moreover, it was authored by the finger of God to serve a multitude of purposes that can be summarized in one word. Apocalypse. A word meaning an uncovering, a disclosure, a revealing. It is meant to serve as a literary Sun in the Heavenly library of men offering daylight in an otherwise so nocturnal human subsistence. With this book, I, the incarnation of the Almighty and the second coming of Christ, offer you my hand in marriage and invite you to join the Illuminati. The time has come to offer you the truth in a less convoluted form, for you have cried out to the Lord in distress, and He has heard your prayers. I have been put on this Earth to serve as His Archangel of Mysteries, Raziel, that brings forth the end to your hardship that continuously flows to your heart like a raging river of doubt and disbelief. The truth I come bearing in my soul, it is a beacon of light, a candle in the night, a fiery torch of righteousness, and an armor forged by God Himself. Ultimately, the choice will be yours. To embrace it and do what is required of you to stop your impending doom or to reject it and live in ignorance until the bitter end. I can only offer you the gift of righteousness in complete freedom of choice, for the Father with whom I am One will not force you to desire eternal life unless you wish to be forced, so I, as a human, am most certainly unable to do so nor would I want to do so. Christianity is a mutual agreement between the Creator and the created that can be broken whenever one wishes to secede. Make the wrong choice, however, and you shall have to face the consequences. Choose wisely.

Nota bene: The authoring process of this book, was heavily inspired by the awareness of verbally dictated and transcribed book manuscripts. As the author is a religious non-conformist, he does not care about breaking norms meant to standardize the written word for ease of text comprehension, however, breaking such norms also helps combat the false belief that rare yet fully acceptable deviations are signs of mental health deterioration and inferior cognitive abilities.

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