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Ginger Ginger Pork

Pork in a Creamy Yellow-Brown-Red Sauce which contains Ginger.

Filet of Pork
Finely crushed tomatoes
Crushed pineapple
Stem ginger 
Heavy cream
Mineral salt
Japanese soy

God Incarnate the Teacher

The Swedish Word: Smärt

Smärt is a word that is most commonly used in the phrase 'Smal och Smärt' (Skinny and Skinny, etym. Small and Smart). When one looks closer at the word, smärt, partially defined as 'attractively slim', it becomes clear that it is the same as 'smart' meaning 'intelligent, fine, elegant', and 'smärta' meaning 'pain'.

Out of these three variations, smärta is the only one defined in a way true to its roots, which accourding to SAOB happens to be the English smart. Whilst smart is said to now mean attractive, intelligent, efficient et cetera, its true meaning from which those have been derived, is 'causing pain'.

This should mean that, once upon a time, the English speaking realm were so Christian that they realized that it indeed must be classified as wise and attractive to cause pain if done when justified and necessary, exempli gratia, to punish one's offspring whenever they are naughty, by causing them non-damaging pain.

In contrast, when one has pain, one can choose to say in Swedish: 'Jag har ont' which etymologically translates into 'I have wound', though 'ont' unfortunately also is a variant of 'ond' and 'ondska' both meaning 'evil'. It is a bit unpleasant to think that everytime Swedes have experienced pains they've been likely to say: 'I have evil', when speaking religiously that is.

Something that custodians of children often ask them after accidents is: 'Gjorde det ont?' = Did it create evil?. Not exactly the 'smart' thing to say, now is it?


Naturality contra Perversion

A natural unspoiled human being, going by the standard of verae Christianitatis required to be called that instead of a twisted abomination, simply never will be able to associate the reproductive organs of donkeys with sexual pleasure or similarly themed forms of 'entertainment' (Cartagena, Colombia). This of course, since it is beyond the imagination of an untainted creature to even fantasize about interracial sex when differing in skin color, let alone interspecific sex. They will also find it impossible to consider the anus, human or otherwise, an erogenous zone connected to euphoric experiences, simply because it is EVIDENT that it has ONE use and that use is to defecate and release gas.

The Japanese folk musician Satoko Makishi (真喜志 智子), alias: Cocco (こっこ), which I consider to be a multi-hit wonder, produced hit after hit with lyrics that are pure and innocent about love, only to suddenly do J-Pop and make a song and music video in which she sings about 'Panda and Banana', and is seen together with two men in banana costumes whilst she herself is dressed in black and white. It is still a song concerning love, though the focus of the imagery is directed at the sexual nature of man and woman. I know it is due to the commerciality of the J-Pop genre which truly is American in its nature, so it is governed by the 'sex sells' slogan of the American capitalism, id est, to sell the illusion of prostitution via public media such as online videos that have been polished to a seemingly radiant shimmer.

I mention Cocco, only to point out that the same goes for phallicly shaped meat products, fruits, sticks and vegetables. A natural woman would never dream of considering a banana something to insert into her genitals, for it is FOOD. Mind you, I am aware that the song itself is not perverted in any way, as it is only metaphors. BUT. Metaphors can be helpful, useful and even necessary, yet when sinners are the metaphor wielders, they usually are interpreted literally followed by realization of the desired imagery into degenerate physical actions.

Naturality = accepting that all biological things and their parts are what they are, only is meant to fulfill their inborn function, and that one must never contravene this law of biological design.

Perversion = the exact opposite of Naturality, equal to Satan/Devil worship.

God Incarnate the Teacher

The Swedish Word 'Subba'

A standardized insult in Swedish, when one wants to degrade a woman deserving of such treatment, is subba. SAOB, the Swedish Academic Word Book, claims that it surely is a true word that also has a dialectal slang classified use, with identical roots to that of Low German subbel/subbeln. Whilst SAOB says subbeln meant 'to soil' in the isolated sense of 'getting something wet' without the main sense of 'rolling around in feces/mud', my German sources say subbeln actually meant 'shower/sprinkle/rain/waterlike' and only by extension 'unappetizing drink due to lack of flavor', 'to pee in one's trousers' and in connection to that 'to soil oneself'.

Although, the German word only meant waterlike in truth, the Swedish definition of subba is 'unclean woman', 'hussy', 'unchaste' partially, yet the Swedish original meaning is said to be identical to 'sopa' id est 'sweep', and was used to describe someone who 'swept the floor with their feet thus soiling their feet/socks'.

This however is NOT the reason why I feel it is even mentionworthy as a word. Subba makes me think of the Latin word Sub with Swedish pronunciation. It is a nice alternative, a true synonym, of German 'untermensch', and it fits nicely coupled together with the Swedish definition 'a woman of no class or honor; a harlot'. Subba is a good word to use for anyone of both genders these days. The RFSU, id est the Advisory Reich-League of Sexuality, is after all recommending to all young pupils approaching the legalized age of unrestricted copulation (15 years), to not be afraid of masturbation and sexual exploration. All who listens to and obeys the RFSU will inevitably become 'subbor' (plural).

Also, the word 'sopa' doesn't exclusively signify the sweeping motion, it can indeed mean 'trash, garbage' as well. That is a nice bonus.



Race is one those, multifaceted words. To say the least. It is just as versatile as the word 'family', as it is identical in meaning. Family as most should know, can signify one's partner and possible offspring, one's parents, one's forefathers, one's blood relatives, one's tribe members, one's countrymen, one's likeminded et cetera.

Today the word family, has been broadened to sometimes include adopted, as in pseudo-related, individuals like for instance a 'family' with bright skinned pseudo-parents and brown skinned children. This, I would never do or even condone, but was an inevitable consequence of the chain of events that went unstopped in the English speaking realms. America for instance, does this with their corporations at times, greeting a newly hired worker with 'Welcome to the family', no matter of the employees roots or creed. Those that utilize this system, partly does it to create a patriarchal hierarchy where the highest authority writes contracts in such a way that the company will own everything that their employees invent, improve or otherwise would have had full copyright over. It is a micro-dictatorship of a sectarian industrious endeavor.

When one utters the words biological racism today, it has changed beyond recognition since the time of the Third Reich. What once was possible and even easy to determine by measuring body features, is now impossible. Even through the use of the most advanced genetic research.

Racially pure is a statement that misguided Racists use frequently. Sure, one can technically morph as a nation, to eventually look like a unique tribe, exempli gratia, the appearances of the Japanese and Korean in comparison to their ancient nation of origin, China. Still, it is highly likely that all the Asians from Ancient China will have many genes in common even though they look completely different.

(Biological) Racial purity isn't impossible to achieve however, as it as always completely depends on the definition of the words themselves. A racially pure Swede for instance, could exist if the definition is such that it requires 60% of relevant genetic markers as a bare minimum, and that 60% or more will be enough to certainly be declared an Authentic Ethnic Swede.

I say this only to refute the thought processes of Marxists. Denial of roots will not make the roots disappear.

Resistance of the Truth is futile.
The Truth that is in the past, may be concealed at times, though it will never change into the lies of the Marxists' choosing.

That being said, I can only repeat what I wrote on a blog entry on Netlog before it turned into a dating site. I am a European. 

Not entirely to a 100%, for the definition of European varies depending on when you start counting a people as European. Not everyone would count my heritage from the Khans of the Turkic Kumans as European, but hey, it's only fictive lines drawn on a map by some Roman cartographer. You may not interpret that as if I am open to equality in any way, shape or form, because I am NOT. It is true though. A map is fiction and is only considered valid if a global consensus is reached, which currently may seem to be the case, although that is an illusion. Democracy...equality... Without an indisputable and righteous leader this will always be the case.

It is NOT dangerous with true and benign Monarchy, it is dangerous with delusional peasants wishing for their fantasies of being equal to the King of Kings coming true.
There is only one planet. And all things on the superficial crust of the Earth have spawned from the same planet. Scientists prefer to say that everything spawns from the same unicellular organism in the beginning of the Era omni vita in terrae. This is contrary to egalitarian delusion, NOT, a valid argument for worldwide equal rights and indifference. For you see, in order to be that superficially generalizing, one must include everything on the Earth's crust, not only human beings. And if such a philosophy is embraced, one must commit collective suicide as it instantly becomes forbidden to eat our distant relative, the fruit, the fish, the swine et cetera. One must eat to live, and if someone eats fish, it would be the exact same thing as eating one's paternal grandfather.

The modern day 'drug abuse' à la Hitler

What you will find below are browser-translated quotes for educational purposes from the SPANISH version of the North American website I shant ruin the surprise, as it will be for many of you, but a hint is....the Spanish speakers. They do consider the Hitler-drug to be quite....useful. Apparently.

What conditions or diseases is this medicine prescribed for?
Methamphetamine is used as part of a treatment program to manage symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; in children who have more difficulty focusing, controlling their actions, and staying still or silent than others of the same age). Methamphetamine is also used for a limited period of time (a few weeks) along with a low calorie diet and weight loss exercise plan in obese people who can't lose weight. Methamphetamine belongs to a class of drugs called central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. It works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain.

How should this medicine be used?
The presentation of methamphetamine is in tablets to be taken orally. If your child takes methamphetamine for ADHD, he's usually taken once or twice a day. If you are taking methamphetamine to control weight, it is usually taken 30 minutes before meal(s). This medicine may cause difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep if taken in the afternoon. Take methamphetamine at about the same time every day. Carefully follow the instructions on your prescription label and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you don't understand. Take methamphetamine exactly as instructed. Do not take more or less of the medicine, or take it more often than your doctor's prescription indicates. If your child takes methamphetamine for ADHD, your doctor will likely give your child a low dose and gradually increase the dose, not more often once a week. Your doctor may stop taking methamphetamine from time to time to see if you still need the medicine. Follow these instructions carefully. If you are taking methamphetamine for weight loss, your doctor will keep you at the lowest dose possible. Tolerance to the weight loss effect can develop within a few weeks, which makes this drug less effective. When this occurs, your doctor may stop the medicine. Methamphetamine helps control ADHD but doesn't cure this condition. Continue taking meth even if you feel good. Do not stop taking methamphetamine without talking to your doctor.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

Another interesting narcotic still thought of as a medicine is called Phentermine, which there is a wikipedia article about. Alternative names for it are 'Adipex-p', 'Duromine', 'Metermine', 'Suprenza', 'α-methyl-amphetamine' and 'α,α-dimethylphenethylamine'. If memory serves correctly, which it does, this is the weight-loss pill that the foster mother Karin Ingeborg Hjälm spoke so dearly of from when she had spent time in Spain. She claimed it was the most effective weight-loss solution she had ever tried.


Medicines of World War II

A rebuttal of the unilateral vilification of Adolf Hitler

The German Pervitin
The Berlin Olympics, 1936, the United States of America used an at the time permitted and all-American doping substance called Benzedrine. For chemist Fritz Hausschild it was impossible not to notice the impressive effects of Benzedrine, which indeed was an amphetamine. As early as 1887 the Japanese had synthesized the N-methylamphetamine molecule, and in 1919 they produced it in pure crystal form id est the horrid drug 'Crystal Meth'. The Crystal Meth was made from ephedrine, which is found in the ephedra plant known from folk medicine in Europe, America and Asia, used in so-called "Indian tea" or "Mormon tea". In 1937, Hausschild was succeded in perfecting a new synthesis method for methamphetamine. On 31 October, it was patented in Berlin, and its effects far surpassed the American Benzedrine. The brand was named Pervitin. During World War II, it was taken by both Japanese kamikaze pilots and German soldiers in World War II.

Berlin's doctors were sent free Pervitin pills containing 3 milligrams of active substance and a survey asking for the doctor's opinion of the product. Pervitin was presented as a panacea that counteracted abstinence from alcohol, cocaine and opiates, and promised "renewed zest for life". Pervitin also advertised to cure frigidity in women, and Hildebrand pralines were confectionery with 14 milligrams of methamphetamine in each piece, almost five times that of a pill. The packaging of Hildebrand pralines recommended 3-9 chunks at a time as the substance, by mistake, and was highlighted as harmless compared to caffeine.

Pervitin was a cheap way to keep night guards and soldiers awake, as an average military dose was set at four pills a day at a cost of only 16 Pfennig, while coffee to keep a person awake one night amounted to 50 Pfennig. However, it didn't take that long for alarming reports of side-effects to be heard.

The American Benzedrine and Dexedrine
Benzedrine was weaker than Pervitin, thus it had fewer side effects. The drug company Smith, Kline and French (SKF) originally marketed it for use against bronchitis, yet in 1942, SKF supplied the pilots of the British Royal Air Force with large quantities of the substance. The British 'A Guide to the Preservation of Life at Sea after Shipwreck' from 1943 proposed Benzedrine to sunk sailors to counteract exhaustion, lift the spirits and strengthen the will to survive. That same year, the British Army Supply Service equipped the officers with packages of six Benzedrine pills for each of their soldiers. Paratroopers took the pills on D-Day. 72 million pills were sent to Britain during the war, and something close to the same to the United States Army.

In the Vietnam War, pep pills were also used. The Army's standard instruction was 20 mg dextroamphetamine for 48 hours of wakefulness, but was rarely followed; amphetamine doses were, according to a veteran, given "as candy", regardless of the recommended dose. In 1971, it was revealed that in the years 1966-69, the Army had used 225 million "pep pills"; mostly Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), twice as strong as Benzedrine.

There is so much more to say about the vastly different views of the past regarding medicine id est narcotics . Before anyone believes the recent propaganda of fallacy that defames the Führer of the Third Reich as a drug addict or perhaps the ONLY drug addict, take some time to THOROUGHLY scrutinize what the deceitful media of today is saying by examining the history of not ONLY the America's and the British, but the entire human populace.

All narcotic substances have at some points in time been considered medicine of some sort by scientists. They still use Morphine in hospitals don't they? That is an opiate, as in a derivative of opium, with very little difference in its withdrawal symptoms from Heroin which is made from Morphine.

Heroin was first produced in 1874 by the British chemist C.R.A Wright. The German Heinrich Dreser discovered that diacetylmorphine was more potent than Morphine, and his employer registered Heroin (from heroic) as a trademark. From 1898 to 1910, it was marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and as a cough medicine for children.

In 1914, Heroin was banned by law in the United States of America. 


The Curse that is Swedish Democracy

 If my body had been restored, I would've done a long YouTube clip covering various observations of the state of the world, and even though it would've been a form of observational comedy, it would only have had been so for it is true.

In writing, there will be no high degree of laughable content, as to prevent grave misinterpretation.

Swedes are often entirely engulfed by the democracy demon. When I was made a partially Swedish citizen, which I no longer am, and the time came to vote in an election, they hid the fact that the Party of the Swedes even existed. I reluctantly voted for the Sweden Democrats in hopes that they were still somehow what they used to be, which they've now proven not to be. The Party of the Swedes, were classified as a Neo-Nazi party, yet when asked about it they stated that they had no remaining connections to the National Socialist Front which many of the active politicians within the party had previously belonged to. They were well-mannered, polite, non-aggressive in their speech and a great representation of a rightist group. Unfortunately, they had to dismantle the party as they suffered a lack of membership growth.

Next, the Nordic Resistance Movement formed with core members coming from White Aryan Resistance. They were anti all forms of Christianity, prejudiced, aggressive, holocaust denying, militant et cetera. Seemingly, they DID get a sufficient member growth, as they are still active today, most likely anyway.

Already, one should see that something smells fishy in Sweden.

I say, that if a proper and authentic National Socialism would arise in Sweden, however unlikely it may seem this tuesday evening, it is probable that IF that form of politics would start to gain the votes of the people, all other political parties would consider and plausibly even realize the forming of the Democratic Bloc, thus forcing everyone to choose between the established majority, and the outcast - the pariah of absolute monarchy frequently defamed through the use of the word tyranny or dictatorship with all its negative connotations.

Bloc politics is a direct violation against true democracy (democratic idealism), though corrupt Swedes often repeat expressions like: 'One can't have everything one wants' & 'Nobody's perfect'. The power hungry politicians of Sweden are so dependent of their influence, so greedy and desperate, that they actually believe in 'The ends will justify the means'. Since one never has the option to vote for the actual blocs, which in truth always are compromises seeing how all members within each bloc only remains members, if they get enough of their opinions, ideas and values recognized. It is clear as day, that a vote for party 'A', will never be a vote for the party program of party 'A', as they have to somehow fuse it with the programs of party 'B', 'C' and 'D'.

Understandably with the enforced disdain against even the smallest traces of anti-semitism in the post world war era, and the historical ties to both the United Kingdom and Russia, the Jewish Marxism became free to spread whilst the opposite side(s) were counter-acted. This in turn led to the magnification of egalitarianist thought to such a degree that the so called 'law of Jante' was made famous, a fictive law from a Norwegian novel which states that 'One is never allowed to be outstanding and believe that one is better than anyone else'. In other words it is nothing but Marxism, which features allegations of human societies being naturally imperfect; in extension that God is flawed. 'Even the Sun has spots', 'Utopias are unattainable' and 'Idealism is the goal that cannot be reached, but with striving we will get as far as we can' are common forms of propaganda, always in a generalized form even though it mostly, if not only, pertains to Marxist politics. A Utopia is most definitely NOT an unrealistic visionary fantasy, though what a Utopia is according to God is ONE thing, what it is according to Egalitarians is ANOTHER.

True egalitarianism, as in Absolute Unyielding Egalitarianism, is and always has been an impossible goal to fulfill. It is nothing but laughable, the thought processes of atheist/satanist anarchists. What they conceive in their twisted minds are always so ludicrous and alien to natural and logical people that it's not even worthwhile taking time to try to talk sense to them. Idiotic is an understatement.

Fire & Brimstone - Iram Dei - Righteous Holocaust

The Wrath of God Doodle

A simple doodle.

🜂 - Fire
🜏 - Brimstone, Black Sulphur

Fire & Brimstone is a classic descriptive term for the inexorable afterlife of sinners called the Inferno, more commonly known as Hell despite its inappropriate etymology. As the Inferno means to burn with excruciating pains to nothingness, it is synonymous with Holocaust and closely related to the Wrath of God, id est Iram Dei.

Holocaust etymologically means 'wholly burnt', yet religiously it becomes 'sacrifice by fire'. In this particular sense, sacrifice means 'offering of a life as atonement for irredeemable sins to please the Lord God' and consists of the words 'sacra facere' ('holy doing'). To say the least, it is astonishing that the pro-Semitic 'Allies' of WWII chose to call the German attempt at ridding the world of Judaists, Romani et cetera: 'Holocaust'. Why you ask? It is ambiguous in interpretation. Judaists would say it means that the Germans were the sinners and sacrificed innocent people as a gift of reconciliation to God, which isn't all that odd seeing how Christianity in truth always holds all differing religions as impure faiths. The sympathizers of Germany would prefer to read it as 'the Jewish self-sacrifices to at least try to get on God's good side due to the incomprehensibly evil actions taken against their one and only Messiah, Jesus Nazarenus Christ the First'; alternatively, 'the German attempt at soothing the Almighty Lord's displeasure from the previous acceptance of foreign religions in what used to be the Holy Roman Empire'.

Note: The alchemical brimstone symbol has been adopted by some type of Satan worshippers, much like what they did with the Petrine Cross, id est the upside down Latin cross. The symbol of eternity connected to a patriarchal cross doesn't really scream 'Satan', but if you are an otaku of the father of lies, I can see how one would like it. Not to mention the addition of an evil meaning to an otherwise equally scientific and religious symbol.


Righteous Hate Equals Justice

Hate is a word heavily defamed due to the attempts at stopping antisemitism. I shall not preach about the historical reasons I know have been documented for antisemitism in this blog entry however, but instead about why the hatred of some individuals are Divine.

If there is a truly innocent woman, let's say white of skin, that is spontaneously raped one day by someone brown of skin claiming to be muslim, that woman is indeed and ALWAYS entitled to righteous hate towards that brown skinned individual; less obvious is perhaps that she is ALWAYS entitled to solidified hatred for all muslims that doesn't punish that individual publicly and denounce all forced sexual encounters, as well as, hatred for all brown skinned that doesn't do the same.

The example written above, is as always when it comes to my writings, undeniable to all honest people and beyond questioning through means of alternative rationality. There is only one Truth to rule them all, always and forever.

Hatred in the form of the example in this blog entry, is not only allowed, but encouraged and almost a form of duty. If one does not punish evil-doers, one is actually saying that oneself is equally evil. God has neverending amounts of Divine Hatred, which is denied by neo-christians for it is known as the wrath of God, and in their perversion they usually turn to adding layers of exaggerated pseudo-idiocy on top of their 'normal' idiocy, 'unknowingly' claiming that 'wrath' is never equal to 'hate' per contemporary definitions, AS IF, everything is dictated by dictionaries. The often non-documented definitions of hatred in use today, is in truth equal to those of wrath, as a target of specifically Heavenly Wrath will be punished without repose until Justice has been carried out, akin to the actions of righteous hatred carried out by pious believers of the Omnicelestial Ruler, when willingly 'possessed' id est entirely filled up by the Holy Spirit of the very same deity.

The wrath of God = The hatred of God


The Neo-Catholic Church

If one has read my book, and like most other people happens to be an educated idiot, it is likely that one doesn't understand why I speak of the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic church. I point this out since there is an unimaginable difference in what is supposed to be the original one true Church now, compared to before. What once used to severely torture sinners, often 'til death, to save humanity from the spread of Evil, has since the post world war era spoken of indiscriminate human rights and world peace for everyone. This is the reason why I dub the 'Catholic' church as I have taken as an example of perversion in this blog entry: The Neo-Catholic Church. It has indeed changed beyond recognition. It has gone from a violently burning celestial flame, utilizing the means known as holocaust (sacrifice by fire) against all sinners past redemption, to falsely claim that everyone shares everything Christ is born with. Christianity on Earth started as the best religion there ever had been, being highly aware that the new testament is only that which it title says, a testimony. It never claimed that it was a trustworthy testimony, which it does today. If one reads the Bible, one must at least acknowledge and keep in mind that NOTHING from the New Testament was written by the reported source, Jesus Nazarenus. Now, most Christianity have been reduced to a concealed form of Satanism.

Below, I have selected a few truly HERETIC quotes of the Neo-Catholic Church that is obviously blasphemous in their glorification of the anarchy known as democracy.

The Neo-Catholic Diocese of Stockholm
Man is the first way of the Church For a hundred years now, we have had a democratic system in Sweden. Democracy is not something that is taken for granted, but is something that we must constantly participate in in order to preserve.

The Catholic Church urges its members to take active political responsibility to build, together with everyone else, a society that serves the common good. The focus and starting point is man, especially the man who suffers, is oppressed and who is denied his fundamental rights. It is about protecting human dignity.

In the 1979 encyclopedia Redemptor Hominis, "The Redeemer of the World," John Paul II stated that "Man is the first and fundamental way of the Church." Every human being and every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and must therefore enjoy the same value and dignity.

Benedict XVI
1 JANUARY 2010
Respect for creation is of immense consequence, not least because “creation is the beginning and the foundation of all God’s works”, and its preservation has now become essential for the pacific coexistence of mankind. Man’s inhumanity to man has given rise to numerous threats to peace and to authentic and integral human development – wars, international and regional conflicts, acts of terrorism, and violations of human rights.
Is it not true that what we call “nature” in a cosmic sense has its origin in “a plan of love and truth”? The world “is not the product of any necessity whatsoever, nor of blind fate or chance… The world proceeds from the free will of God; he wanted to make his creatures share in his being, in his intelligence, and in his goodness”.
Christ, crucified and risen, has bestowed his Spirit of holiness upon mankind, to guide the course of history in anticipation of that day when, with the glorious return of the Saviour, there will be “new heavens and a new earth” (2 Pet 3:13), in which justice and peace will dwell for ever.

1 JANUARY 1990
In our day, there is a growing awareness that world peace is threatened not only by the arms race, regional conflicts and continued injustices among peoples and nations, but also by a lack of due respect for nature, by the plundering of natural resources and by a progressive decline in the quality of life. The sense of precariousness and insecurity that such a situation engenders is a seedbed for collective selfishness, disregard for others and dishonesty.

The object of her care is man in his unique unrepeatable human reality, which keeps intact the image and likeness of God himself. The Council points out this very fact when, speaking of that likeness, it recalls that "man is the only creature on earth that God willed for itself". Man as "willed" by God, as "chosen" by him from eternity and called, destined for grace and glory-this is "each" man, "the most concrete" man, "the most real"; this is man in all the fullness of the mystery in which he has become a sharer in Jesus Christ, the mystery in which each one of the four thousand million human beings living on our planet has become a sharer from the moment he is conceived beneath the heart of his mother.
This man is the way for the Church-a way that, in a sense, is the basis of all the other ways that the Church must walk-because man-every man without any exception whatever-has been redeemed by Christ, and because with man-with each man without any exception whatever-Christ is in a way united, even when man is unaware of it: "Christ, who died and was raised up for all, provides man"-each man and every man- "with the light and the strength to measure up to his supreme calling".
For if, as was already said, man is the way for the Church's daily life, the Church must be always aware of the dignity of the divine adoption received by man in Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit and of his destination to grace and glory.


Bookstore 'The Owl' The Caramel

Since I wrote about the cigarettes not always available in Streamstrait, all but Vogue have now been made available.

Cigarettes - Manufacturer [Nation(s) of Ownership]
Level Gold - JTI Sweden [the Japanese]
Prince Fine Gold Plus - House of Prince [the British and American)

☩ Cooking with God ☩


↑ (Kanji) おおいぞうのこどう ← (Hiragana)
(Romaji) → Ooi zou no kodou (Katakana) ↑
The Mighty Elephant's Heartbeat
Extra salted butter
Minced lamb
Finely crushed tomatoes
Satay sauce
Sambal oelek
Yellow carrot, Orange carrot, Broccoli, Water chestnut, Red onion, Green beans 
Soy beans, White kidney beans
Japanese soy
Heavy cream
Yellow mustard


Windows 10 Tip!

A while back, my installation of Windows 10 stopped showing unicode characters properly. The reason why this happened is somewhat of a cunundrum. My best guess would be that it has to do with the cleansing process of the BabelMap executable file that my Panda Antivirus Essentials carried out. Evidently, other people have had similar issues with later Windows editions like 7, 8 or 10, though I found something that seemed to restore a great deal of the functionality. Not everything, but a great deal. If you click the button below you can either follow the guide or simply download and run the registry file to restore as much as possible. You will not lose any fonts you've already downloaded.

Also, I should recommend BabelMap. A neat little program when it isn't identified as harmful, that makes it appreciably easier to type unicode characters on computers.


Notice of Importance

The Contumacious Family

While I've heard that the Streamstrait Cigar Affair underwent an ownerchange some time ago, I did NOT hear who or what the new owners were. The contumacious family otherwise known as the Polyfamily (Polyfamiljen) consists of Erik, Linda Marie and Hampus. Together they have 9 children, all under the age of 18. They run the Preschool of the Rainbow, the Me-n-you (Mejodej) bakery and catering, the Me-n-you webshop and Strömsund's Cigar Affair.

According to a statement on their blog, which I have corrected, they say the following:
„We are a family comprised of twelve people. Mommy, daddy, daddy and nine children. We live in a menage a troi of adults where all three of us love each other. ... With three adults and nine children in a family, hiding is difficult, which is something we don't want to do. We want to live out in the open with our relationship and that is received in differing ways. Welcome!“

The custodians of the Polyfamily (Polyfamiljen)
Erik Daniel Fridland
Ruth Linda Marie Fridland
Hampus Engström

As Hampus was born in 1985, and a Swedish highschool building houses three age-groups at once, I observed him whilst going to Waterdale high (Vattudalsskolan). He was always and only spending time with girls, so much so that he sounded feminine himself, id est like a gay person. Once, word got around that he had a homophiliac advert on the website Fuck-contact (Knullkontakt) with a picture of himself and the alias 'the Cowboy' (Kopojken), supposedly seeking sexual encounters of the homophiliac kind. I actually did see the profile online as someone showed it to me, however, no one knew for sure whether it was Hampus himself that posted it, or if it was an attempt at defamation.

Several years back, I had bought takeout pizza & was sitting in a Volvo I had parked in the Strömsund Square parking lot. I looked around, checked the rearview mirror and window and saw that all was clear and started backing up slowly. I then looked forwards for a few seconds, looked back through the rear window (which was tinted) and only saw white. All of a sudden, the car wouldn't move. As I drove forwards, a Taxi-bus had arrived out of nowhere and stopped, positioned as if by strategic choice behind the Volvo. When I stepped out of the car, the structurally weak body of the Taxi-bus had been buckled, and the driver was none other than Hampus.

It would seem that Hampus truly is an amphiphylophile (partial homophile).

Naturally, without need for further explanation, I advise all people who desires to be good to boycott all enterprizes these people run.

If you want a good selection of tobacco products, go to the Bookstore 'The Owl' The Caramel (Bokhandel 'Ugglan' Karamellen) instead!


Art replacement

The logo is a calligraphic version of the 'Takbir (Allah)' meaning 'Magnification (of God)', simply containing the words 'Allahu Akbar' or 'God is the Greatest'. 

Writing translations
يحيى باتريك فيكتور ابن نهر ︙ Yahhya Patrick Viktor bin Nahr
(الله أكبر ) ︙ God is the Greatest
التجسد الثاني الحقيقي لله ︙ The second true incarnation of God


Art replacement

The old artwork of the poor fellow-soldiers of Christ and of the temple of Solomon has been replaced with this creation.

☩ Cooking with God ☩


↑ (Kanji) てんりゅのかいらく ← (Hiragana)
(Romaji) → Tenryu no kairaku (Katakana) ↑
The Heavenly Dragon's Pleasure
Extra salted butter
Teriyaki Sauce
Cherry, Passion fruit
Oyster mushroom, Champignon, Nameko, Shiitake, Porcini
Shrimp, Smoked Chilean blue mussel, Chicken Kebab (precooked with Kebab Spice)
Yellow carrot, Orange carrot, Broccoli, Water chestnut, Red onion, Green beans 
Sambal oelek
Heavy cream
Freshly ground white pepper, Mineral salt, Cilantro


Lock Quandaries No More

Equipped with my newly purchased CRC Lock Oil Aerosol Spray, I have now lubricated everything in the apartment. The lock mechanisms in the balcony door, the kitchen window and its ventilation door, and some after treatment of the front door.

If you happen to be living in Sweden, you can order one of these from Låskompaniet.

I have been informed that even though many people claim that universal purpose sprays like 5-56 and WD-40 should work, they actually impair the function of the lock and shortens its lifespan. The recommendation is to ONLY use teflon based lubricants specifically designed for locks. The lock oil spray I have can handle all types of locks, hinges, sewing machines et cetera.


New Art Released!

This has replaced an older creation.

☩ Cooking with God ☩


↑ (Kanji) かわとのぶたにく ← (Hiragana)
(Romaji) → Kawato no butaniku (Katakana) ↑
Pork meat à la Kawato

Extra salted butter (150 grams)
Filet of Pork (500 grams)
Teriyaki sauce (1½ deciliter)
Champignon mushrooms (230 grams)
Bean sprouts (215 grams)
Roasted, salted peanuts (75 grams)
Corn (285 grams)
Sambal Oelek (100 grams)
Broccoli (800 grams)
Crushed tomatoes (400 grams)
Heavy cream, a good splash
Capers (50 grams)
White pepper, freshly ground


New Art

An older piece in the 'Divine Art' section has been replaced with this one.

卐 (18/2 - 18/88) 卐

GIMP Doodle, Code: 18

Hmm...I wonder what it could mean?

By Fire be purged
The holyman urged
Creepers of the night
Reapers outside of the light
Break free from Satan's grasp
Before you are caught in evil's clasp
Pearly gates will soon be locked
It is too late, by God, you will all be mocked
Saints will find pleasure from your gnashing of teeth
No one left to empathize with your grief

Sinners, beware!

Cooking with God


↑ (Kanji) しどうしゃのきょうえん ← (Hiragana)
(Romaji) → Shidousha no kyouen (Katakana) ↑
Feast of Führers, Führers' Feast

Gourmet potatoes, boiled in salted water.
Extra salted butter, 150 grams [1060 calories]
Filet of pork, 500 grams [625 calories]
Black olives, 110 grams [120 calories]
Roasted, salted peanuts, ~ 75 grams [420 calories]
Tropical salsa, 230 grams [150 calories]
Crushed tomatoes, 400 grams [100 calories]
Heavy cream, a splash [200 calories]
Freshly ground white pepper
Mineral salt
Apples, 3 Royal Gala [240 calories]
Orange slices for serving, 1 Navel

Total caloric value estimation: 2915 (excl. orange and potatoes)

This tastes Heavenly. No lie. Yum.

God Incarnate's Comic Book Idea

ᛋᚺ (SH)

Many people have theories about the initials SH written in runic on the chest of this tricot wearing Super Hero, whilst most are convinced it means Super Hitler, the Germans say it stands for 'Sieben-Herzlich', though the Jews on the other hand simply reads it as 'Shit Head', 'Sion Hater' or 'Satan's Heir'.

It is indeed the Austrian born Führer, back from the Heavens, granted one last time in the flesh, only now, he is empowered by the runes of the Nordic Master Race signifying Sol-Helios, id est the 'Sun-Sun', that is according to God who was the One who granted him his unbeatable powers.

Through his winged golden helmet, he has the power of flight. He has no real need for any advanced weaponry due to his newfound Celestial powers, however, he does wield a mighty horse riding whip. Why? Because he likes the way it makes him look. And it does come in handy whenever someone needs to be spanked. To keep them out of Hell, of course.

The Verdict of the Swedish Toll Work


The response from the Swedish Toll Work is that it SHOULD be approved as long as one pays the Swedish tobacco tax, cigarette toll fee AND value added tax since it is sold from outside of the European Union. So, to give you a rough yet accurate idea of what it would cost me to buy 200 flavored cigarettes from, here are some rounded numbers to think about:

200 cigarettes: 480 SEK
57.6% Toll fee: 280 SEK
25% Value added tax: 120 SEK
Swedish tobacco tax: 330 SEK
Shipping cost: 100-140 SEK
Grand total: 1310-1350 SEK (131-135 €)

200 cigarettes for 135 €...I will have to wait until I have mucho dinero.

Address of
Nimr Al Nakheel center
Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Muhammad road
Saudi Arabia

low angle photo of curtain wall building


Hebrew word: Golem

Automaton, artificial man, clay man, amorphous mass, embryo, unfinished object, fool, thoughtless, slave, computer, child, offspring, youth.

Golem is an extremely relevant word in these last of times, as most things today are governed somehow by computers. Computers are artificial and inanimate objects, not being able to do anything at all by themselves. Still, they are true forms of the mythological Golem.

The Biblical golem signifies the evolutionary part of the scriptures, that God the Father metaphorically sculpts 'Adam' out of clay, water and earth, the transition from waterbound life to earthbound life, and before God breathes life into the clayman, he is not considered a lifeform. The description of a non-biblical Golem however, is basically a slave. It cannot do anything on its own until you command it to do your bidding by carving letters on its head or slipping notes down the mouth. Identical to a computer.

More importantly, the Golem is a metaphor for one's own children and the belief that an unnamed baby simply cannot function, and that a dangerously named baby is highly likely to become an increasingly uncontrollable menace as it matures.

All babies are idiots, thoughtless, unfinished, shapeless. They are earthbound, so they are made of clay. Therefore, they must be Golems. These miniature clay golems are also expected to do as their parents tell them to, to a certain degree depending on the parents, which makes them slaves paid in clothing, housing and food, just like the slaves mentioned in the Bible. So, in theory, we all start out as Clay Golems.

Sadly, many people never grow out of the Golem stage, as they prefer being immature, dependent and never thinking for themselves. They are called Marxist socialists.

multicolored hallway

God Incarnate the Teacher

Common Offensive Words in Swedish

Neger: Originally any human or animal individual having black hair, fur, plumage et cetera. Contemporary meaning: brown, black & dark skinned people, usually of African descent.

Svartskalle: Any human individual with black hair or brown skin. Identical with German 'Schwarzkopf'.

Blattra: To speak gibberish.

Blatte: A foreigner speaking in his/her native tongue, thus sounding like he is speaking gibberish. See Blattra.

Snut: Originally snout, nose. Contemporary meaning: Any police officer (a nosy/investigative individual).

Snok: Originally snake. Contemporary meaning: Nose or Detective. Any police or private detective.

Farbror/Faster Blå: Literally 'Paternal Uncle/Aunt Blue', figuratively: Police Officer.

Jiddra: To speak Jiddish.

Golvdunkare: Literally 'Floor-pounder', any Muslim praying to Allah using a mat.

Marxist: Any politically involved individual partial to the philosophy of Karl H. Marx. Contemporary meaning: Any human individual willingly conforming to the rule/influence of Marxists. 

Rasist/Rasse: Any individual considering family values to be a critical part of idealism.

Nasse: Pig, Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Any individual adhering to the political system family of National Socialism. Also, any opponent of Marxism.

Nazi/Nazist: Any individual adhering to the political system family of National Socialism. Also, any opponent of Marxism. Nazi is considered especially heinous since it could be used as a nickname for an Ashkenazi Jew.

Finnish bonus words
Neekeri, Nekru: Negro
Puoliapina: Half-ape, a Black and White mulatto
Rättipää: Rag-head (Towel-head)
Laskuvarjoneekeri: Parachute-negro (Paratrooper)
Mutakuono: Dark skinned individual
Mutiainen: Dark skinned individual
Kermaperse: Cream-ass (Silverspoon fed individual)
Jutku/Jutsku: Kike, Jew
Lahtari: Butcher, Capitalist, Marxist Butcherer

Note: No word in and of itself can be truthfully considered hateful or offensive unless it is actually used as an offensive attack, either verbally, illustratively or in writing. Marxist, Racist, National Socialist, Negro et cetera are all considered something "beautiful" by the title bearers themselves. It is truly ridiculous and foolish to outlaw words that only correctly describes the "descriptee" in a non harmful manner. Especially since foreigners never think twice about using 'racist' as something "derogatory", yet they call the marx police as soon as someone counters them.


Goldenhammer's Oat Gruel

Made with a tiny amount of salt, rice milk and gyllenmust welling powder. Oat-Welling powder is an extra fine flour made from 100% oats that have been sterilized in an autoclave. Welling (Välling), should one care about literality, is the only correct translation of the word, as it is identical in origin and meaning to the English word 'well' as in spring or other type of water source. It is chosen as the name of this breakfast drink specifically to point out that it is a drinkable or waterlike substance. Although 'gruel' seems to be the most accepted translation for välling, a quick picture search on Google shows that it is far from the same thing. Välling or Welling is ALWAYS made from finely pulverized grains and milk, and is meant to be drunk, not chewed.

It has similarities with baby formula, as it is given to infants from ages 6 months and up.

water droplets on clear glass

Random Satire of God Incarnate
A song adaptation of 'My Sharona' by The Knack

The Marx Police Force

Ooh, we saw a Jew today, a Jew today
When you gonna save us all, from the Corona?
Ooh, Jews they are so great, curing disease
We adore your homophilia, now cure Corona

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
We'll always pull our guns, for the touch of the pervert kind
Ma, ma, ma, aye-aye, whoa!
The M-m-m-marx Police force

Blacks and Gypsies is your thing, huh, a-is ya, thing!
Corrupting everything but wanna kill, Corona
Keeping it to secrecy, conspiracy
Together we will taint the world, now die Corona

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
We'll always pull our guns, for the touch of the pervert kind
Ma, ma, ma, aye-aye, whoa!
The M-m-m-marx Police force
The M-m-m-marx Police force

Always giving gifts to us, gifts to us
Denial of the truth, we will defame Corona!
Manipulation of our destiny, and history
Is the only game for Jews and Us, now die Corona

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
We'll always pull our guns, for the touch of the pervert kind
Ma, ma, ma, aye-aye, whoa!
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-ma, ma, ma, aye-aye, whoa!
The M-m-m-marx Police force
The M-m-m-marx Police force
The M-m-m-marx Police force
The M-m-m-marx Police force
Ooooooo-ohhh, Marx Police force
Ooooooo-ohhh, Marx Police force
Ooooooo-ohhh, Marx Police force

Cooking with God

Small Means Beans

1. Heinz Crushed Tomatoes with Garlic
2. Heinz Mayonnaise
3. Borlotti Beans
4. Canned Chicken Breast
5. Heinz Yellow Mustard
6. Bull's-Eye Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce
7. Freshly ground White Pepper
8. Mineral Salt

Perhaps a less commonly used flavor combination, though the taste experience gained from eating this dish is highly pleasant to say the least, which is the most important part.

abstract painting


6/2 - Order placed and confirmed
12/2 - Order packed and sent
15/2 - Shipment arrived

Gyllenhammar = Golden-hammer
Gyllenmust = Golden-must
Osötad = Unsweetened
Havrevälling = Haver-Welling ≈ Fine Oat-Gruel
Krossade Tomater = Crushed Tomatoes
Med Vitlök = With Garlic

gray spiral artwork

卐 (14/2 - 14/88) 卐

A Valentine's Day Doodle

Pink and red. Classic colorscheme for a day like this. Google said the pictures I used in this are free, so blame them if they turn out not to be.


Bergström, the Jews

An online search with the "normal" search engines yields no results for the line "bergström jewish" but one: the fictional character in the animated TV-series "Simpsons" known simply as "Mr. Bergstrom" who is Lisa Marie Simpson's jewish substitute teacher, voice acted by the jew Dustin Lee Hoffman.

Interesting. So, Bergström IS a jewish surname. That could explain all the filth that the author Christer Bergström has hidden amongst facts in order to deceive as many as possible into thinking in an identical way to that of democrats. I shall include a link to the home of his pseudo-factual literature, even though it is a dangerous thing for idiots to be exposed to. Lies disguised as historical facts are hard to crack for most people.

„Der Sieger wird immer der Richter und der Besiegte stets der Angeklagte sein". (The Victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused)  
Hermann Wilhelm Göring, The Nuremberg Trials

white and gray optical illusion


Strömsund Commune

Yesterday, the lock of my apartment door started to malfunction. I reported it to Strömsunds Hyresbostäder (Streamstrait Be-places for Rent) which unfortunately is my lessor, via their online submission form. A few hours later, the lock seized entirely, so I chose to sleep with the door unlocked. Today, when I woke up, the lock worked again. After having been outside for a while I went back home. The lock had stopped working once more. I now called the emergency phone number listed on the lessor's website on three different occasions, and they never answered. Most likely, I will have to live with an unlocked door until Monday. Furthermore, for around a week or so, the cellar has been swarming with flies of some sort. As soon as someone opens the cellar door, they fly out into the stairwell and wait for an opportunity to take shelter in the most comfortable apartment.

It is is NOT surprising, that there is such ignoble service in Streamstrait. The entire damned commune is called a Worker's Commune by the Social Democrats. They claim to mean something different, yes, a 'party district', though it's obvious that they choose the word Commune to take over the entire Municipality, AND I seem to recall them having a sign welcoming all drivers on the road to the Worker's Commune Strömsund many years back. Marxists are everywhere. In the picture below it says that the only Moderbolag (Mother biding-guild), id est owner of my lessor is the Commune of Streamstrait. To the right of the picture there is the list of currently active politicians working for the Commune, and where there is an "(S)", there is a Social Democrat. Noteworthy: The Marxist Erik Gustaf Göran Bergström, alias "Göran Bergström", happens to be the former local chief of police. 

As a pure man, one is bound by duty to despise this disgusting place.

low angle photo of curtain wall building


A Questionable Song Cover

Song title: Ich bin der Haß
Cover by: Gigi In Musica
Original by: Peter Alexander Makkay alias Peter Maffay

Ich bin der Feuerball, vor dem sich manche Sone schn verkroch Ich rase durch das All. Und wo ich war, bleibt nur ein schwarzes Loch Und was ich tu, vergeßt ihr nie. Selbst aus der Liebe mach ich Krieg Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Und stolz darauf Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Zerstören macht mir Spaß Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Und Satans Sohn Ich raube euch das Licht. Denn von alleine strahlen kann ich nicht Dafür schenk ich euch Lügen, bis auch eure Phantasie zerbrich Ich tausche täglich meine Haut deshalb bin ich euch so vertraut Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Und stolz darauf Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Zerstören macht mir Spaß Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Und Satans Sohn Ich wirke wie ein süßes Gift, das jeden von euch einmal trifft Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Und stolz darauf Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß. Zerstören macht mir Spaß. Ich bin der Haß, ich bin der Haß

Had it not been for the "Satan's son" part, this would've been a super hit, although, all things considered, with the "Pope" welcoming protestants, modern medicine and condoning homophiles to enter civil "matrimony" outside of the church, it is understandable that one would call himself the son of Satan just for being a truly GOOD individual. Nevertheless, it is so unnecessary to act like that black-souled Stalin. Wouldn't you say?

Also, just like Christ the First, as Christ the Last I too bear the title of Lucifer, meaning morning/sunrise star, evening/sunset star id est the Sun. Satanists are the only ones trying to make people believe that Satan ever was called Lucifer in honesty and everlasting truth. Lucifer has nothing to do with evil. Never has, never will.


A National Socialist Musing

Once upon a time, when Tightrope records were still shipping goods to Sweden, I purchased a hook's cross pendant, a Johnny Rebel Collection Album and the Album called Smashing Rainbows by Various Artists.

This pretty much was the one and only song that was a hit. It's performed by the group Angry Aryans.

Well I'm searching for a rainbow. I just might be looking for you! Homosexuality is sponsored by the jew! You advertise your lifestyle, shove it right in my face. Demanding equal rights, f*ggots disgrace! Well, here I go. I'm looking you know. I'm searching for a rainbow. Yeah, here we go, We're looking you know. We're searching for your rainbow. You're parading onto the streets. In hand with f*ggot friends. Shrivel up before our eyes, your ending begins! You f*cking queer, pusbag of shit, the attention that you crave. Society will accept you once you're in your grave!

I did get some noice freebies like a "Don't Re-nig" sticker and anti-black satire comics. I gave the comics to my father and stuck the "Don't Re-nig" sticker on the subwoofer of my old 2.1 system.


New Artwork Released!

As I removed my Finland Frozen Lion tricot hat to shower, I realized that I had what many hairstylists would call a modern hairdo. To me it looked ridiculous, though I felt I should seize the moment with my digital camera and act out my artistic urges.

Available now, at 'Divine Art'. One of my previous artpieces has been replaced with this one.

gray spiral artwork


The Global Hypochondria & Thanatophobia

The excessively dreaded Crown-pandemic dubbed Covid-19.
As of February 11th of 2021, there has been an estimated global death tally of 2.35 million people. The world population is currently hovering around 7.8 billion people. I shall do some math: 7 800 000 000 ÷ 2 351 972 = 0,000301534872. This means that a MINDBLOWING (sarcasm) 0,03% of the members of the curse called humanity, for it is indeed a curse when thought of as a collective, has perished.

Compare these numbers to the estimations of the death tally of the black death and world population of 14th century which were 100-125 million and 475 million respectively. The math yields a global death tally of between 21 and 26.3%.

The way these pseudo-healthcare institutions of the various governments are acting, this is supposed to be the worst pandemic ever. Noted, they claim that everyone belonging to the most favored Jewish occupation of all, medical doctor, are heroes, though in reality they have absolutely no power over this virus other than the impotent illusion of what their delusions of grandeur are telling them. Also noted, these 'heroes' of fallacy claim to be preventing that the situation gets "worsened". Worsened?

If mankind rejects all forms of killing as far as possible, and never die from anything, the Earth would turn into the most horrendous creation ever made, especially from the viewpoint of everything other than humans living on it.

This pandemic is perhaps still only in its cradle, yet even as a viral infant it is a blessing from God the Father. When people refuse to act chaste and pious, the world becomes overpopulated. God says, if not for your own good, then for all innocent living beings be they classified as intelligent or not, let the virus be free. To create a Trumpification: Make Earth Great Again!

Iob 1:21 (Biblia Sacra Vulgata)
et dixit: Nudus egressus sum de utero matris meae, et nudus revertar illuc. Dominus dedit, Dominus abstulit; sicut Domino placuit, ita factum est. Sit nomen Domini benedictum.

blue and orange smoke

Comedy Idea No.3

The Given Name Series

Given names are for many less gifted people a mystery, and to evolve this into comedy isn't difficult at all. For instance, for the infidels, unfaithful, whores et cetera, I shall call them copulators, one could do Victor versus Victoria in a sexual scene where tasteful coitus occurs, and after the action the two are lying in bed and Victor says something along the lines of 'Now I truly am your conqueror' as a brief factoid of the name appears, to which Victoria replies 'It was my victory' or perhaps 'It was a win win situation'.

Another example could be Shamal, that is out in the desert under the scorching hot sun, lights a Shamlan cigarette using a friction match against his skin and says: "alhamd lilah 'ana har wajaf" (Thank God I'm hot and dry).

John meaning God is Gracious, could be featured in one scene that takes place in ancient Rome where he and others are hunted by the Pagans, and when the Christian running next to him gets shot in the back with an arrow, instantly killing him, John could yell: 'Thanks for the favor' whilst looking up towards the sky.

Michael meaning Who is like God: Michael could be placed in a scene where there are three people only named Josh/Jesus a couple of decades following the birth of Jesus Nazarene, where two of them clearly is NOT the 'savior' completely lacking any resemblance to God, and the last one is Jesus Nazarene Himself. After a short and easy identification of Lord Nazarene, Michael says filled with despair and joy: Lord, I have been made obsolete. Am I fulfilled? Already?

There is a myriad of first names in existence, this is truly an idea that could be loooooong lasting.

time lapse photography of star


The Publishing of My Book

I have searched for a publisher with a fitting name, which is an absolute must, and not so deluded that they would think that Christ is a character that would forgive all deeds evil unconditionally, and love everyone in the same way even if they happen to be twisted paedophiles. If that had been the truth, both Jesus and I would've been known as 'fjollor'.

The word fjolla (singularis) in Swedish means superficial, vain, thoughtless, empty-headed, carefree and woman. In contemporary slang it simply means male homophile. In Danish, there are many equivalent words that all come from 'fjols' meaning stupid, uneducated, idiot and thoughtless which in turn stems from Latin 'follis' meaning jester and one of an inflated ego. The closest word in English to fjolla and fjols would be fool/folly, obviously. Remember, that even though you should all act like true fools for Christ, you should never act like homophiles for Christ. A fool for Christ really means someone that goes against false teachings, customs, traditions, norms et cetera in order to become as pure as humanly possible during a time of darkness, which is considered foolish by the perverted majority. 

Back to the topic. I have tried Rose Publishing in the U.S.A., Logic Publishing in Sweden, and the Roman Catholic Church. No one has replied as of yet.

At the moment, it doesn't seem like the book will get printed anytime soon, though who knows. I did send a copyright license to Rhett James McLaughlin via the mail granting him rights to publish my book without paying me anything. I am fully aware that he himself used Crown Publishing for his books, and that he may not be able or willing to make anything of it, but I had to put him to the test since he CLAIMS to be Christian. The license may not arrive to him at all however, as I was at that time completely pennyless and chose to mail it from a mailbox in Strömsund, Sweden, without postage, marked with 'collect on demand'.

light decorations in dark area


Shamlan Blue Kingsize

On a couple of occasions I have had the opportunity to sample the Shamlan Blue cigarettes manufactured by the Universal Tobacco LTD in Yemen. What is there to say really, they taste like any other Virginia tobacco blend. Shamlan, شملان in Arabic, seems to mean the same as Shamil/Shaml, شامل  in Arabic, and be related to the masculine given name Shamal, شمل in Arabic. That is according to Arabic dictionaries online.

Shamal translates as 'Hot and dry', though the most plausible translation of Shamlan would be that of Shaml meaning, inter alia, Universal, just like the name of the tobacco company.

Naturally, the name could have been chosen because of the village in Yemen with the same name, though it is highly unlikely.

light decorations in dark area


Flavored Cigarettes

I have come across a website selling and shipping amongst other fine goods, flavored cigarettes, worldwide saved from a few nations or states that have banned the webshop. It seems to be U.K. based, although they say themselves that their warehouse is situated in the tax-free-zone of Dubai.

The Kiss brand features Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Mojito & Apple flavors, and is manufactured by Russian Donskoy Tabak under the control of the British Innovation Tobacco Company. The tobacco blend consists of American aromatic hookah tobacco. 
The Richmond brand features Cherry & Coffee flavors, and is manufactured by Richmond Tobacco LTD under the control of British Imperial Tobacco. Rich-monde means 'Wealthy-society'. The cigarettes themselves are made with sun-dried pipe tobacco.

The Esse brand features the Grape-menthol flavor, and is manufactured by the Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation from the Republic of South Korea.

Earlier today, after having tried the customer service phone number, I sent an e-mail to the Swedish state-authority Tullverket (The Toll Work) asking about their current regulations regarding tobacco, specifically in the form of cigarettes. I know flavored cigarettes was said to be banned altogether a few years ago, but I do not know what the rulebook says about tax-free imports. Is it only illegal to sell these cigarettes within Sweden or are they also seizing all attempts at private non-commercial imports to destroy the goods? The answer should arrive within 5 working days.

Saving money with Bio-Racial Research

A Brief Guide To Online DNA Tests

On the Internet, several DNA test providers are now available to the public. As you can see from the screenshot of my book below, I have results from the 5 biggest services. If you want to do what I have done, as you must in order to get the fullest depiction of your genetic makeup, I recommend purchasing one test from either Ancestry or MyHeritage, and one test from 23andMe. This is only valid if all you are interested in is the sometimes vastly differing autosomal DNA results. If this is the case, you only need one test not including 23andMe, which for me consisted of scraping the insides of your cheeks with two cue tips. Filling a test tube with spit is another common way of doing it. If like me, you choose MyHeritage as your service so that you can unlock the hereditary disease function, you just wait for your test sample to be processed by their laboratory in Texas, USA, and as soon as their first results are in, you are able to export the test results as a digital file. Once you have that file in your possession you are free to upload said file unto Ancestry, MyFamilyTreeDNA and LivingDNA at a REDUCED cost or completely free of charge. Even though they all use the same test results, they will not give an identical assessment of the data. 23andMe however, is the only DNA service that does not offer the alternative to use third party test results, or at least they did not when I used them. FamilyTreeDNA also offers Paternal DNA tests for men and Maternal DNA tests for both genders, Y-DNA and mtDNA respectively.

blue and red triangles wallpaper

Un ménage à trois de Pringles

Hot & Spicy = Green & Red Jalapeño Flavor
Tzatziki = Cucumber, Yogurt, Parsley, Mentha & Garlic Flavor
Smokey Bacon = Smoked Bacon Flavor

Many, if not most, people who have tried a tube of Pringles chips probably already suspect that they are not true potato chips. Pringles are reported to contain around 42% potato, the rest is made up from wheat starch and potato, corn and rice flours. There is also vegetable oils, the emulsifying agent, salt, and the different types of seasoning. Pruduced by the Kellogg Company since 2012, the name Kellogg roughly meaning 'Kill-hog' and used to be an occupational surname for a pork butcher.

teal and yellow abstract painting


Tobacco I've never tried before

Vogue Originale 100's SS HP = Wave (British American Tobacco)
Petterøe's Original KS HP = Peter-island's (Philip Morris Tobakk Norge AS)
Prince Fine Gold Plus KS HP (House of Prince A/S)
Level Gold 100's HP (Japan Tobacco International Sweden)

Felt like trying some cigarettes not always available in Strömsund, Sweden. Ordered from

Whilst looking up the french word Vogue, originally only meaning 'wave' (våg in Swedish), I found to my sincere disgust that it means cigarette in the homophiliac and Romani cant known as Polari. Yuck!

SP = Soft Pack
HP = Hard Pack
SS = Superslim
OS = Original Size, 70 mm
KS = King Size, 84 mm
100's = 100 mm
120's = 120 mm

light decorations in dark area


My Mythical merch arrived

The T-shirt is just a T-shirt, what can be said about it really? Either you like the printing on it or you don't.

The beard oil however....mmm....smells fantastic. I have only tried 2 different beard oils before this one, and they usually smell woodsy in a plain and straightforward way, though Rhett's beard oil is my favorite so far. A more complex scent. It's quite simply 'Beastly but balanced' as it says on the bottle.
Highly recommended for bearded men!

blue paint splash

God Incarnate the 'Comedian'

The ice cream ambulance truck

Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch, among other things known for their legalized cannabis and luxury prostitution, realize that mankind will most likely be annihilated to the greatest extent ever recorded no matter what the global medical care tries to do about it. The Dutch government quickly respond by modifying all ambulances in Holland to function more like ice cream trucks than passenger transports. News of this quickly spread to all of Holland, and whenever a siren was heard or the flashing lights were seen, people eagerly rushed to localize where the ambulance truck were, so that they could purchase all of their favorites. Now, finally, all forms of medicine were recognized for what they truly always had been, narcotics meant to alter your sense of reality, if only for a short while, and the junkies got to live to see the day when all of their desires were fulfilled and delivered on a street comfortably close to home. Shortly thereafter, 99.999% of humanity perished.

blue paint splash


I have created a small playlist of everything I view and listen to on my Smart-TV. Hazel the donkey in the clip to the right is precious!


Case closed without investigation

Minutes ago, this arrived in my digital authority post box. When I chatted with PayPal, the customer service worker with the screen name 'Karolina' stated: "If the bank or police contacts us to clarify the issue, naturally we will give them all the help and information." So, this Bergström police character is obviously lying his teeth off when he claims that PayPal would refuse to answer any queries the police may have during an investigation due to them not being based in Sweden.

This is not the first time I have had problems with the surname Bergström. It so happens to be the surname of the 'jourhem' or 'emergency home' in English, that took part in childnapping me from my mother when I was an infant: the formerly Täby based Karl Alf Yngve & Ulla Birgitta Bergström who lived on Army way.

It isn't a surprise though that police refuses to help me now, they have never protected me from anything, quite the opposite.

blue and pin abstract painting


A GIMP Self-portrait

Now available in 'Divine Artwork'.

multicolored frames


07.01.2021 - Order placed, Order sent from via DHL
12.01.2021 - Melrose Park, Illinois, United States of America 20.01.2021 - Frankfurt, Germany
23.01.2021 - Malmö, Sweden
28.01.2021 - Customs, Sweden
08.02.2021 - Delivery

Minimalist Tee XL
Details: - Unisex fit - Crew neck - Durable rib neckband - 100% cotton fine jersey - Printed on Next Level Apparel

Rhett's Beard Oil
Description: Beastly, But Balanced. Warm and woodsy, Rhett’s Beard Oil is a multipurpose workhorse that promotes strength and growth as it locks in moisture to prevent itching, skin irritation, dandruff, and leaves your beard and mustache soft, healthy, and smelling great.

Notes: Smells of sandalwood, citrus, and rosemary. 1 fluid ounce.

red and blue doodle artwork with black background


A police report

At 0900 hours today, the time when the Strömsund police station opens, I shall go there and file a police report against the female Twitch streamer ChimmTV for her fraudulent deeds claiming to seek a boyfriend to get 'donations', 'tips' and whatever type of gifts that are common when it comes to romance, like for instance the jewelry she has listed on her wish list.

I myself tried to gain her interest by giving her slightly above 300 euros, though when asking in her chatroom on Discord if she had found a boyfriend, I was kicked out, and when sending her e-mails with varied content, she claimed that all of my e-mails were 'spam' even though they were all unique, thus not qualified to be called spam.

Apparently, her name should be something along the lines of Nita Gunnar, that is if her PayPal-name can be trusted. I have sought to properly identify this Finnish swindler, though nothing at all came up in the Finnish online phone books.

Most of the world is Satanic, so this is not surprising at all. Just goes to show that women must never gain undeserved respect or be treated like unspoiled delicate flowers just because they sound and look pleasant. It's like the witches in that Norwegian adventure movie, The Ash Lad. One minute the witches look attractive and kind, the other minute they expose their true rotten souls.


Strömsunds Cigarraffär | Streamstrait's Cigar-affair

Café Crème is an older German name for the Espresso coffee drink that in these days is commonly served as a shot. These Signature Café Crème Original miniature cigars are made from Italian, Dominican, Java and Colombian tobaccos.

These do not compare to full-sized cigars like for instance Montecristo, however, if one feels the urge to get some miniature cigars, they should meet your smoking desires. My personal favorite would have to be the Signature Café Crème Finos Beige. As of yet, nothing has come close to beating the flavor combination of bourbon and vanilla.

God-recommended pipe tobacco (available in Sweden): Borkum Riff Ruby (Cherry flavor) & Borkum Riff Sungold (Vanilla flavor), which both are of a Cavendish tobacco type variation consisting of a blend of Burley and Kentucky tobacco.

Cooking with God

Il merluzzo del povero

Extra salted butter, freshly ground white pepper, salted cod, zucchini, sugar snap peas, plum tomatoes, heavy cream, basil paste, freshly squeezed lemon juice, pineapple crush and Rose's lime cordial.

blue and red abstract painting


The Posylka Experience

23/1 - I placed the order, checked out using Amazon
25/1 The order was sent from Paderborn, Germany (UPS Express)
28/1 The order was delivered to my home

The Kvass drink I have made in the image below has a recommended preparation time of 24 hours and requires Квас-powder, water, sugar and yeast. I must say, the taste is nothing but pleasant.

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Power of Attorney

My mother's funeral arrangements and everything that comes with it will soon be on their way. I have after speaking with Saint Erik's funeral home in Stockholm, decided on cremation and spreading the ashes in the anonymous memorial grove of the Northern burial site of Stockholm, thus making Stockholm, Solna, Uppland the final resting place of my mother's remains. To resolve all problems that comes with a death of a close relative, I had to sign a 'Fullmakt' (literally: Full-might), or in other words a power of attourney, which had to be witnessed by two individuals of age and mental clarity. As per usual when it comes to Strömsund, Jämtland, most people refuse to put their name on such papers, and the bank that I am a customer of didn't reply to my voicemail messages or e-mails. Finally, the commune house agreed to verify the document, and it should arrive to the recipient no later than Monday.

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From the Russian-German online store

Посылка | -Mailing- | 

Filled sweets with condensed milk and sugar - Gulder, 290 g
Конфеты с начинкой со сгущенным молоком и сахаром - Гульдер, 290 г 
Cap Russia, white-red
Кепка Россия, бело-красная
Soup - Beetroot - No. 45, 480 g
Суп - Cвекольник - № 45, 480 г 
Concentrated sea buckthorn fruit drink with sugar, 200 ml, from Siberia
Морс облепиховый концентрированный с сахаром, 200 мл, из Сибири 
Dragee - Peanuts in sugar glaze, 150 g
Драже - Арахис в сахарной глазури, 150 г 
Opener Magnet - First in Everything
Открывашка-магнит - Первый во всём
Montpensier in a tin can - Sprats, 70 g

Монпансье в консервной банке - Шпроты, 70 г 
Caramel - Lemon, 300 g
Карамель - Лимон, 300 г  
Dry kvass, 200 g
Квас сухой, 200 г
Red bean soup - No. 51, 480 g
Суп из красной фасоли - № 51, 480 г 
Toilet solid soap - Natural Tar, Ordinary, 90 g
Мыло туалетное твердое - Дегтярное натуральное, Ординарное, 90 г


Left over kebab...

Mixed tomatoes, pineapple crush, strained tomatoes, doner beef kebab, freshly ground white pepper, green beans, heavy cream, extra salted butter, served with the last of the grapeleaf dolmas.

white and gray optical illusion

A Fenno-Germanic secret...

Mjød, Sima, Hydromel et cetera.

Mjöd id est Mead, is one of the simpler pleasures life has to offer in the way of refreshment. I have tried recipes of Finnish Sima as well as Swedish Mjöd, and I can confirm that there is nothing at all separating the two. What you need for the production of around 5 litres of 10-16 Proof alcoholic wine is a sweetening agent (if casting sugar then 500-600 grams), 5 litres of water, a 10 litre bucket, flavoring agents (whatever fruits or vegetables you prefer), 5 one litre glass bottles with caps, a strainer, a funnel, toilet paper and some yeast.

An example of a mead I've made on occasion is rhubarb flavored mead. Since the rhubarb is the way rhubarbs are, it should be boiled until soft and all flavor has been released into the liquid. Next, pour the liquid into a bucket using a strainer to remove the rhubarb flesh, mix with the sugar and leave to cool until lukewarm so that it does not harm the living yeast which is added after that. Leave to cool 'til room temperature, then fill the empty glass bottles with the mixture using a suitable funnel. At this step some people would add a few teaspoons of sugar, and 5 raisins, to each bottle, though that step can be skipped. Next, either loosely close the bottles using toilet paper or conical corks of the correct size, and leave until all the yeast has fallen to the bottom of the bottles, and you have a crystal clear wine ready to enjoy. This usually takes about 3 months. Naturally, one should decant the bottles first to get rid of the dead yeast, and put caps on them. Decantation to remove dead yeast may be necessary in the middle of the fermentation process, judge using your eyes. If it looks too nasty, decant. WARNING: In the fermentation stage, if conical corks are used and they are not loosely fitted enough, they may fly out from the bottles violently, as the pressure simply becomes too high. The worst case scenario is that a flawed bottle explodes due to a tightly fitted cork. Do NOT underestimate the amount of pressure that can build up in the bottles! 

Note: Mead is not only a drink for adults, as it is still called mead even if consumed before alcohol has developed. The Finnish Sima recipe I once tried used oranges and lemons as flavoring agents, together with brown sugar id est molasses sugar, which resulted in a taste very similar to the soft drinks available in Sweden such as Fanta, Zingo & Loranga. That is, whilst still bubbling vigorously and filled with living yeast.


dies Mercurii - Wednesday

Vattenkastanjer = Water chestnuts
Bambuskott = Bamboo shoots
Stångsparris = Pole asparagus
Tomat = Tomato
Vinbladsdolmar = Wineleaf dolmas = Grapeleaf dolmas
Vindruva = Wine-drew = Grape

Vine (English) stems from the same root as Vin (Swedish), namely Vinum (Latin) literally meaning Wine, figuratively Grape and Grapevine. Drew is a modernization of my own invention to the English language of Swedish Druva, Danish Drue,  Middle North German Druve and finally Thrūbo of the old Saxon language.

The dish in the lower right corner of the image was made from salted butter, kebab, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, raw-stirred lingonberry, taco spice, pickled silverskin onion, fermented carrot, Greek zero-fat yogurt, 35% cream, small white asparagus and sundried tomato pesto, served with three grapeleaf dolmas.

Burcu: 'scent', figuratively: the scent of rain specifically.

Kebab, partly from Arameic kbabā (spelled כבבא ‎in the ktav ashurí) meaning “roasting of meat”).
Arameic, a language of Mr. Nazarene. One can surely say that Kebab is food for the Gods!

low angle photo of curtain wall building

A short explanation of the Zeitgeist regarding Divine Love in Third Reich Germany

Heinrich Hoffmann - Homeruling Hopeman

There has been many unoffical incarnations of God, though due to the Alpha & Omega title, Christianity only counts the first and the last. Many people may have, or still do believe that, Adolf Hitler if anyone, must've been the unofficial God Incarnate, though the truth is that it was his closest friend, the photographer that captured all important pictures of that time period, Henry Hopeman. In Mr. Hopeman's book entitled 'Hitler was my friend' he reveals that he had not one, but two women during his time in Germany (before he was arrested by the U.S.A.). This fact may to some seem like indisputable proof of his, in a lack for a better word, vulgarity, though one must remember that tabletalk is unreliable, and Hitler indeed was the Christian that created the German Church, an attempt at uniting the fractured Church which already consisted of more than one denomination, when in actuality it was meant to be the One True Church United. Hitler praised North America, as the land so harsh that only the best could survive there, and in doing so he opened up for American thoughts. He was even on the cover of LIFE magazine, as the man of the year once. The American Mormon, Orson Hyde, was a man full of boule as is to be expected from Mormons. He claimed that the first incarnation of God, was NOT only married to Mary Magdalene, which in truth was his only Love, but also to Martha of Bethany and Mary of Bethany. Most likely he was influenced by the translation of Martha's name as mistress, which in the beginning meant the female counterpart to master, yet later came to mean marital infidel, whore et cetera. This, partially, led to Heinrich Hoffmann marrying a total of two women, instead of the permitted one, firstly Therese Baumann, lastly Erna Gröbke. This statement is not limited by the evolving science of secularism, it is instead coming entirely from the omniscience of my two Divine superiors in the chain of trinity, the Sun and the Creator.

Therese = Θήρᾱς/Θηρᾰσῐ́ᾱ = Thérās/Thērasíā = Σαν-Τορῡ́νη = San-Toryne = Bull-like = Αγιος-Εἰρήνη = Holy Peace. Baumann = Buildman = Lebenmann = Life-man = Live-man. 
Erna = Eagle/Serious/Healthy.
Gröbke = Grave-digger (Slavic).

Holy-Peace Lifeman is clearly the true soulmate of Homeruler Hopeman, not Eagle Grave-digger, which is why Mr. Hopeman only had children together with Lifeman.


Tightmilk breakfast

Tightmilk with 'Irish' flavoring syrup from Monin.

blue and red triangles wallpaper


Café Crème Signature Finos Beige Filter

Miniature cigars with a smooth taste of vanilla & bourbon. The blend consists of 'Java', 'Sumatra' and 'Brasil' id est Ecuadorian, Brazilian & Nicaraguan tobacco. 'Java' has been said to have aromatic notes of espresso & chocolate, as well as lines of mint & cherry flavors. Tasty.

Regarding Ruthenia and Rus'

Rowing teams turn red/pink/rosy in their faces when rowing. It was considered crafty to be able to build and maneuver ships. The rose was a Greco-Roman symbol of divine love, tying the emotions that all men love to the female via Aphrodite/Venus. As true divine love is the one thing worth dying for in the eyes of a benign mortal, the rose was also associated with death. As roses often have thorns, they have innate levels of vegetative cunning, and have been bound further to the concept of cunning via the creation of elaborate hedge mazes (rose bushes are indeed shrubs which can be used to create hedges). It is a symbol of authentic royalty, as they are meant to be the crème, whilst I and my soulmate are the crème de la crème. The rose is a symbol meant to be used for truly proud inviduals. Note that I say TRULY, for when one is excellent, one has no need to be humble unless one wants to. It is only a sin, if one is falsely proud like LGBTQ people.
Or like the Swedish Social Democrats. Two wrongs don't make a right. 'Democrat' and 'Marx-Socialist' are truly two wrongs.


Rus' have been theorized by most to mean 'Rowing', as in the coastal vikings of Sweden that first settled in Ruthenia, and were known as varangians. However, when words sound the same, they are the same without the visual aid of written symbols. See the right column → 


Ruse from French & Latin means 'to use cunning, to be crafty, beguile'. Roose means in Scottish dialect 'to flatter, praise or be proud'. There is most certainly a connection existing here in betwixt these two words. Roose comes from M.E. 'rosen' from O.N. 'hrósa' and is cognate with 'rose' & 'rosa'.

Rus (Swedish)

Rush, alcoholic intoxication.
Unspecified purchase.
Metal, fused through melting.
Cardgame, related to G. 'Rausch'.
Swedish viking under the command of Rurik and his two brothers.


Russ/Ross (Swedish)

Gothland dialect: Horse/Pony.
A Russian individual.
Fishing hand net.
Boast/Rose (flower)/Erysipelas.


Öbua = The island booth

Elk warning mug, labeled 'Skogstokig' underneath, 'Skogs' meaning related to forests, while 'tokig' being an adjective form of the noun/adjective 'tok', once spelled 'took', which must have originally come from the same root as Middle English 'tuken' meaning '(to) abuse/mistreat/plunder/tuck'. The only listed meaning for Swedish 'tok' of any interest in the sense it is used on the label is 'crazy/unwise'. In other words, Skogstokig means Forest Crazy. The mug is designed by Nordiska Design Kompaniet, id est the Nordic Company of Design.

Le Sirop de Monin, 'Irish' flavoring syrup. Recommended use at for mixing with milk, coffee or dessert drinks.

multicolored digital wallpaper

Miniature Cigars

Signature (formerly Café Crème)

"Made by the wildly popular Henri Winterman, each individual cigar is beautifully and lovingly crafted with the utmost care going into delivering the ultimate flavours and aromas time and time again. Established in 1904, you know you're in safe hands when you light up one of their fine cigars." - U.K. Tobacco

In a time where Marxists try to outlaw all tobacco via the medical branches of politics, and already have banned menthol cigarettes, these minty fresh cigarillos are a delight.



Jokk is a Sami word with roots within the Uralic language family otherwise known as the Fenno-Ugric language family. There is very little difference, if one at all, between the Sami 'Jokk' and the Finnish 'Joki' which is a part of my surname. Joki means river (of any size), Jokk means beck (stream or small river).

Tranbär = Craneberry = Cranberry = Cranebird-berry

blue paint splash

In accordance with God-taste

"Gemäß Gottschmack"

Extra salted butter, döner beef kebab, green beans, goat whey, smetana, fermented carrots, pomegranate, raw-stirred lingonberries, heavy cream & diced avocado.

teal and yellow abstract painting


A purchase for tomorrow

Tärnad Avokado = Diced Avocado
Rårörda Lingon = Raw-stirred Lingonberries
Den Gamle Fabrik = The Old Factory
Tistelvind = Thistle Wind
Syrade Morötter = Soured Moor Roots = Fermented Carrots
Vispgrädde = Wisp Cream = Whipping Cream
Björnekulla = Biarnacolle = Bear Hill
Skärvången = The Sheer Wang = The Pure Paradise
Björnbär = Bear Bear/Berry/Carry = Blackberry

↓ Korv-Görans Döner Kebab ↓
↓ Curve-Georgios' Turning Roasted-Meat ↓
 Sausage-George's Doner Kebab

↓ OY = Osakeyhtiö = Osake (Partial), Yhtiö (Unity) ↓
Partial-Unity = Limited Company (Ltd, LLC, or GmbH)

Grädde. Grædde/gridde/gredde, akin to Old Danish greddel/gridle/greddel noted as meaning 'skin', 'coating', 'membrane'. I would propose that it is a word also related to the Norman language as French has the colloquial term 'crade' developed from 'cradingue' meaning bloody, unpleasant, dirty. Tied together with Danish 'fløde' meaning 'float', the evidence solidifies into absolute clarity. Cream is what floats on top of milk, as if it is a skin. This can to some weak stomached people appear extremely unpleasant and dirty when the raw milk is served in a drinking vessel instead of being suckled directly from the source.

multicolored digital wallpaper

Brightness à la Paul Michael

Яркость а-ля Павел Михаил

Extra salted butter [150 grams]
1 pack of elk mince [500 grams]
1 pack of elk shavings [240 grams]
1 jar of olives (with juice) [240 grams]
1 pack of soy beans (with juice) [380 grams excl. juice]
1 can of carrots and peas (with juice) [265 grams]
1 can of green beans (with juice) [400 grams]
1 pack of borlotti beans (with juice) [380 grams excl. juice]
Basil paste [4 teaspoons]
Most of 1 jar of pickled onions (most of the juice) [~150 grams]
1 heaped tablespoon of grey poupon (dijon with wine)
Smetána [1.5 deciliters ~ 5 fluid ounces]
1 bag of root mash powder [95 grams]
1 bag of sugar snaps [150 grams]
1 pack of chanterelles [150 grams]

multicolored abstract painting


Dinner time

Syltlök = Jam-onion = Pickled onion
Rotmos = Root-mash
Sojabönor = Soy beans
Borlotti = Round objects = Round beans
Sockerärtor = Sugar peas = Sugar snap peas
Älgskav = Elk shavings ~ Moose Kebab
Smetána = смета́на = Sour cream
Haricots verts = Sliced greens = Green beans
Kantareller = Κάνθαρος (kántharos) = Drinking cup = Chanterelle
Valio = Choice/Elite
Figaro = Fils Caron = son of Caron

multicolored digital wallpaper

Cooking with God

Jaana Alicen taivaallinen ilo

Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Olives, Tomatoes, Turkey mince, Salt & Large white beans served with preserved Hearts of Artichoke.

blue and pin abstract painting


Gobbler (Meleagris gallopavo)

Smultron = Smelt-berry = Wild Strawberry


Gari Livs = Town Grocery

Kashk e Bademjan = (Persian: کشک بادمجان) Kashk & Eggplant
Baradna = Cool/Chilled
Kashk = Persian dairy product
Shani = Sandy (شنی ) [Persian]
Shani = Chanay (شانی) French Town/Commune [Persian]
Sha = 'King' (شا) [Persian/Kurdish]
Example: PadSha = Conqueror 'King' (پادشا) [Persian]
Example: Shahna = 'King' of 'Kings' (شاهنشا) [Persian]

Nay/Ni = (نی) Reed/Cane/Straw [Persian]
Shani = Šaʾn (شَأْن) Quality/Dignity/Pleasure [Arabic]
Tak-chin = تک چین = One China = One East Turkestan

Gari (Somali) = Town
Gari, garri, gali = A staple food made from cassava roots
Livs (Swedish: Pertaining to life)
Livsmedel = Life Medium/Substance 
Livsmedelsbutik = Life Medium Boutique
Boutique = Apo-theca = ἀπό (“away”), τίθημι (“to put”)

Note: The Persian Sha/Shah is a uniquely Persian ruler type. It is not really translatable, though the closest available word in the English language happens to be King.

Xerxes Shah, The Great (Pronounced: Khashayar - Old Persian: 𐎧𐏁𐎹𐎠𐎼𐏁𐎠 - romanized: Xšaya-ṛšā) was born around 520 BCE in the southern province of Persis (Fars). He was the fourth Shah of Shah's of the Achaemenid Empire, a powerful Shah who ruled from 486-465 BCE. Xerxes was Darius The Great's eldest son by the daughter, Atosa, of Cyrus The Great (the first Achaemenid Shah). He had been the official heir perhaps as early as 498 BCE, and until his inauguration he ruled as the Shah's 'governor' in Babylon.

low angle photo of curtain wall building

Always go to the source, never listen to what anyone else says....

Lost in translation...

When I read in various languages about my forefathers of the Russian reich throughout history, I notice that even though Russia entitled my ancestors as Kings and Kingesses, and the last Grand King of Russia was Vasily III, sources like English wikipedia calls them princes and tsars. The fact is that the very first Russian Tsar id est Emperor/Caesar was Ivan IV. Sweden calls Russian Kings 'Furstar' whose meaning is identical to that of 'Princes' id est "the first ones". A Swedish 'Furste' (Fürst) is undeniably connected to Swedish 'Furir' (Führer) meaning a military commander and some form of leader. Idiocy.



Wasa and Vasa are the two main spellings used in Sweden for the name variation of 'Vase', meaning grain sheaf. The name is particularly big in Sweden due to the Usurper Gustav Eriksson of Vasa, who stole the royal throne from the one and only entitled King Christian II of Denmark, known as 'Christian the Tyrant' in Sweden for his actions intending to thresh out the corrupted blood that had arisen within the Swedish nobility of the time.

There is the Wasa Bröd (Bread), featuring a king's crown to reflect the aforementioned Usurper, the Vasa Bryggeri (Brewery), the OLW (Old London Wasa) which if read as an acronymic word is an archaic form of the word Ulw/Ulv/Ulf meaning 'wolf'. Wasa was also the name of a profusely expensive Swedish warship that sank on its maiden voyage. After 333 years on the seafloor it was salvaged and now sits on display in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.

In the formerly Swedish territory of Finland there is the Stadt named Vasa/Vaasa, situated in Ostrobothnia. Both the Coat of Arms of Ostrobothnia and the Stadt Vasa features the golden sheaf which is the signature symbol of the pseudo-noble Vasa house.

Frukost = Pro-costa = πρωΐ-κόστος = Breakfast
Rik på fiber = Rich on fiber
Veteknäcke(bröd) = Wheat-knackbread = Crisp bread

white and gray optical illusion

Comedy idea for a sketch mostly relevant in Sweden

The Ottoman Turkish Salakis

I sent an e-mail to Freudian Slip(s) Productions of YouTube, speaking of an idea to yet another comedic sketch. I expect no reply from them as they have not replied to the first idea about the National Socialist uprising. The sketch would play out as follows: Actors dressed like Ottoman Turks are living life in a market or square, when one of them suddenly exposes his penis. Word spread like wildfire, and one of the Turks yells: Who was it that exposed? (A reference to a Swedish classic clip of a Turk acting pseudo-macho, yelling "Who was it that threw?")
When the penis exposer is revealed, one of the Ottomans gives him a bucket of Salakis Turkish Yogurt and says: Salakis!

This idea could be developed quite easily to a series of sketches or perhaps commercials for the Salakis brand. There could be one where Ottomans celebrate a marriage, and after the ceremony a few wait by the newlyweds home after dark, and when the man comes out of the door stating that he has become a man, the lurking Ottomans hands him a jar of Yogurt and says: Salakis!

There is also the possibility of doing something along the lines of a warrior academy, and tying the storyline around the Turkish weapon called penis, which doubtlessly is a stiff shaft with two balls connected to it, id est a flail.

The glorious comedy of the Incarnation of God is apparent.
Will it be rejected once more?

teal and yellow abstract painting



Änglamark = Ground of Angels
Granatäppelkärnor = Grenade-apple-kernels = Pomegranate
Äkta Grekisk Yoghurt = Echt Greek Yogurt
Rysk = Russian
God Morgon = Good Morning
Havre-Krisp = Haver-Crisp = Oat-Crisp
Fentimans = Findere-mas = Cleaverman
Önos = Oineus = Οίνος = Wine
Jordgubbe = Earth-berry/Earth-bloom
AXA = The top(s) of the straw of barley, rye & wheat = The Ear(s)
Hjortronsylt = Cloudberry-saltwater = (Sugar)preserved Cloudberries = Cloudberry jam
Salakis (Sundanese) = Σαλάκης = Man's/Husband's = Penis exposer (Ottoman Turkish)
Olympus = Olum-pus (Latin) = (I/I am) smell or betrayed/observed foul/pus/rotten/milk

In the Olympus case, I should perhaps explain that Olympus is the Latin version of Ancient Greek Ὄλυμπος (Ólumpos) and Epic Οὔλυμπος (Oúlumpos). It is what it actually means according to Latin language. I am observed thus betrayed by the corrupt/foul ones is what Zeus would've thought. I emit a rotten odor is what atheists, the satanists of the time would've thought of Zeus. One must remember however, that the Bible for instance speaks of milk and honey as if it is Divine, so Mount Olympus also signifies the Mountain that Smells of Milk. Milk then means Heaven and Lifegiver (when speaking of breastmilk).

orange and blue abstract painting


Jalostaja Tillisianliha

COOP selected firm, small, fine class I potatoes boiled to perfection in salted water. Sliced Salt-gherkins (Felix Saltgurka). Tinned Jalostaja dill swine meat reheated on the stove.

abstract painting

Systembolaget = The System Biding-Guild

Ei suomalaista olutta tarjotaan :(

Leo = Lion = Lion-pard/Lion-panther
Lejon = Lion
Kung Starköl = King Stark-Ale
Mark Adams No.1 Gold "MAKE YOUR MARK" (White Cigarettes)

multicolored abstract painting

What words truly mean & the inequality of usurper regimes

Kung & Drottning / King & Queen

In Sweden, the constitutional pseudo-monarch couple is called Kung (or Konung in full) and Drottning. 'Konung' means 'King' which in turn means kin-scion according to the belief that it stems from kun-ingaz. To explain kin-scion for those of a lesser linguistic knowledge, kin means 'relative'/'tribesman', I think it would be okay to say 'biological peer' when the 'R' word is more or less looked down upon, yet I shall say it anyway: 'race/family member'. Scion which would be the only remaining translation of -ing/-inge/-inga et cetera means 'descendant' and in the case of this special word, 'throne heir', as kuningaz/konung/kung/kong/king id est kin-scion is used in the sense of THE race member throne heir.

A Drottning is the female spouse to a Drott, a word sometimes used in resemblance of 'King', though what is lost in translation is that it isn't equal or a counterpart to a King at all, instead it stems from the Old High German 'truht' and 'truhting' essentially meaning 'Seneschal', etymologically 'oldest servant' and 'senior retainer'. A 'truht' was the warband of a Germanic King, and a 'truhting' was the warband chief. The 'truhting' also was the one who attended on the King personally. A Lord of the highest nobility beneath the King. In these times of constant lies from democrats, it isn't surprising that none of the pseudo-equality lobbyists have noticed that in Sweden the only one with an official ruler title is the King and that his wife is merely a servant meant to tend to his every need. The English word Queen is very much the same, as it meant 'serf' in Old English which has its roots in Latin servus (slave, servant, serf).

If compared with my forefathers from the start of the Russian Imperialism, the Royal couple were individually called the Russian male and female versions of Kuningas, Knyaz' and Knyaginya. Not only the Russians have had this true and wholesome equality of titles and esteem, the Germans have had König and Königin to describe a male and female ruler respectively, and the Romans have had Rex/Regina or as written in the dative cases Regi/Reginae.

If the Royal Houses of Sweden and the United Kingdom hadn't been usurpers, I would've recommended them to change their titles to Kung/Konung and Kungessa/Konungessa, and King and Kingess. Alternatively if they want to be more Deutsch they could go with Kunginna and Kinginne.

Cooking with God

Marskin Vorschmack

Vorschmack is a dish believed to have originated in East Prussia, though Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, the leader of the 'Whites' in the Finnish civil war, the Marshal (Horse-servant) of Finland, and later on the sixth President of Finland, brought this dish to Finland from Russia as it was his all time favorite. I prepared the Marskin Vorschmack as instructed via the label on the can, with boiled potatoes, pickled beetroot, salty pickled gherkin and smetana, and I must say, it is highly pleasurable for the taste buds. Perhaps the most delectable "Finnish" dish ever.
I will not reveal all ingredients, and it is a complex recipe, though the protein is made up from beef, lamb, herring and anchovie.

You should try this, you really should.

White ribs in a facade against a white sky


Suomikauppa mini-haul

Piltti = Biblical Finnification of Swedish 'Pilt' = Child
Marskin Vorschmack = Marshal's Foretaste
Hartwall = Hartwell = Stag Spring
Omena = Apple
Tilliliha = Dill Meat
Jalostaja = Breeder/Refiner

Ordered on 12/1, packaged and sent via DHL Express on 15/1, arrived today 15 minutes past delivery deadline.

DHL = Dalsey-Hillblom-Lynn

White ribs in a facade against a white sky

ICA Nära "Solbacken" = ICA Near "The Sunhill"


Hjortron = Deer-berry = Cloudberry
Enbär = A-berry = Juniper berry
Rabarber = Rhubarb
Must = Juice of Berries/Fruits (fermented or unfermented) 
Koffein = Caffein
Sockerfri = Sugarfree
Kolsyrad = Coal-soured = Carbonated

low angle photo of curtain wall building

Åsbergets Gårdsmejeri = Ridge-berg Yard-dairy

Goat "Mease"

Ingredients: Whey (Vassle/Myssja/Mese) from pasteurized goat's milk.

Goat Mease is boiled down whey, where the lactose and eggwhite within the whey forms the finished goat mease after most of the water has evaporated. The amount of water kept in the product decides whether it becomes spreadable or firm.

Goat whey is a residual product from the goat cheese curdling process. Mease usually has an approximate fat content of 3%. The tradition of Mease making is currently limited to the Scandinavian peninsula, mainly the counties of Jämtland (Assiduous-land) & Härjedalen (The Ravaged Dale) in Sweden, and Trøndelag (Þróndr's Guild) in Norway.

Historically Mease variations were prepared in most of Europe, however, more than 200 years ago the burning of firewood required for making Mease was largely banned as it was considered wasteful to clear forests only to make fuel demanding food. A corresponding prohibition was never necessary in the North. During the Medieval Period Mease was first boiled, then sundried, as a method to highlight the lactose, thus serving as the "sugar" or main sweet treat of that time.

Mease types depending on the local producer's preferences varies in shades of brown, ranging from light brown or perhaps beige to dark brown. The darker the brown color the Mease has, the more caramelized the taste. I prefer a rich, dark brown Mease. The secret to creating a brown mease as opposed to a beige or white one, is the aftertreatment. It must undergo a process emulating the sundrying method of old exempli gratia slow baking it in an oven. Another traditional Swedish food created via slow baking is Tjälknöl, where 1-10 kilograms of meat is placed at the bottom of the oven on low heat (75°C) for 8-15 hours. Den som väntar på något gott, väntar aldrig för länge or The one who waits for something tasty, never waits too long. It is a widely known Swedish saying, often shortened to the first commatation.

The Fjällbrynt Messmör (Mease-smear/butter) is the only product I have tasted which isn't a true Mease, as it is made from whey powder and contains additives like sugar, butter oil, iron, vanillin aroma.

yellow and orange sun illustration

Dollarstore, 18.01.2021

Danish BonBon by Toms

Losse-pladsen = The Dump Site
Søppel-dynga = Garbage Dung
Kaatis-säkki = Dump Sack

Ande-mad = Duck Food
Ande-mat = Duck Food
Linnun-löysät = Poultry Slack-Off

Måge-klatter = Seagull Excrement
Måke-klatter = Seagull Excrement
Lokin Läjays = Seagull Splatter

Kloak-slam = Cloaca Sludge
Rotan Rykäisyt = Rat Harrumphs

Rådne Fisk = Rotten Fish
Råtne Fisk = Rotten Fish
Härskit Sillit = Rancid Herring

BonBon = Bonus-Bonus = Good-Good = Pleasant-Pleasant

pink and yellow abstract painting

ICA Shopping Spree


Level Red Cigarettes (Austria Tabak...Japan Tobacco International Sweden)
Pågen = Poikka = Boy Child
Hjort, Älg Och Ren = Deer, Elk/Moose & Reindeer/Caribou
Budweiser/Budivoj-dweller = Awake-warring-ville Resider
Österrikisk Gulasch = Austrian Goulash
Physalis/Guldbär = Goldenberry/Cape Gooseberry
Tomteklubba = Garden-dweller/Gnome Club
Cerignola = Grow/Food
Agrovim = Field/Country/Farm Strength

SIA Glass = Slöinge Industri Aktiebolag Glace
Sloþi-heirs' Industry Share-Corporation Ice-Cream

light decorations in dark area

The Overlord Chef of all Chefs has done it again

Divine Stew

Heaps of Bregott (Extra-Salted Table Margarine)
750 grams of Sheep Mince
1 Can of Fava Beans
1 Can of Large White Beans
1 Half Beer Bottle
1 Jar of Kimchi
1 Jar of Barilla Pecorino Sauce

red and blue doodle artwork with black background

COOP Bounty


Stora Vita Bönor = Large White Beans
Kimchi = Soaked Vegetables
Mjölken = The Milk
Fazer Dumle = Creator Dumb-smile
Pfanner = Frying Pan Maker
Störtebeker = Empty The Mug With One Gulp
Al Wadi = The Valley
Al Akhdar = The Green
Foul Moudammas = Beans Medamma/Fava
MacKay's = Fire Son's/Spirit Son's/David Son's
Barilla = Cooper/Barrel
Felix = Lucky

Candy time...

From the Dollar$tore:

Malaco = Malmö Lakrits Compani
Snøren = Strings
Vidal = Vital
Hockeypulver = Ice Hockey Powder
Gilties Drops (Guilty Brands Oy)
Grahns = Grans = Spruce's
Coffee Amo = Coffee (Beans) I Love
Cuba Cola = Sweden's Very First Cola Brand

After a visit to the Swedish Postal office (PostNord)

Let there be sound....

Today two parcels arrived in the post. A lovely Shakespearean ashtray and the long awaited HDMI Converter/Adapter from Tendak making it possible to plug my Logitech 2.1 sound system into the Philips Smart-TV. I am aware it can be used to bridge Computer/Laptop, Sound system and TV, although when configured they way I have it is a fully functional adapter making it possible to gain 2.1 sound for everything played on the Telly.
This even though the 2.1 only uses a 3.5mm jack, and the TV only has HDMI (ARC) and S/PDIF (with audio output capability).

Note: the TV I have, a 50PUS7303/12 model, does come with a built-in 3.5mm outlet meant for headphones, though if using that for a sound system, no menu options are unlocked. That would be the main difference between using the converter or not.

COOP Revisited


Rödbeta Rabarber = Beetroot Rhubarb
Kopparberg = Copper Mountain
Årets Skörd Äppelmust = The Year's Harvest Apple-Must
Fjäll-fil = Fell-tightmilk = Mountain Cream-Milk
Soldatens Ärtsoppa = The Soldier's Pea Soup
Knorr = Knot (German), Pig Tail = Swedish
Fårfärs = Lammfärs = Sheep/Lamb Mince

blue and red triangles wallpaper


Pistachio Semmels

Had to throw them both away. Sugared wheat bread, sugared whipped cream and mandelmassa (almond-mass, almond paste) which consists of NOTHING but almond and sugar proved too much for my taste. Disgustingly, sickly sweet shite. Perhaps something that North Americans would enjoy if they actually like the sweetness attained from pouring maple syrup on their version of the Roman pancake.

water droplets on clear glass

Complementing Coop trip.


Henkell Freixenet = Handle/Grip/Handhold Ashtree-ville
Syd Black Orange = South Cola Citrus
Bregott = Spread-tasty = Margarine-Butter hybrid
Red Bell Pepper

As I couldn't find any suitable brand and type of 'Getmyssja', I settled for 'Gudbrandsdalen' which is too hard to not need butter in my opinion. I will try French tea-baguettes, extra salted Bregott, sliced Gudbrandsdalen, sliced tomatoes together with red bell pepper strips. I am in for a tasty treat, no doubt.

red and blue doodle artwork with black background

Yet another trip to the ICA Supermarket Simonsons


Festis = Festus (Latin), of a Feast
Viol Tabletter = Violet (Flavored) Tablets/Pastils
Yalla! Drickyoghurt = Oh God! Drink Yogurt
Celsius = Celsus (Latin) = Mound
Somersby = Summer Village
Semla = Simila (Latin) = Flour of Wheat
Gudbrandsdalen = The Godsword Dale

A well kept secret delicacy of the Nordic is without a doubt their different types of whey based dairy products. Gudbrandsdalen or the Dale of the man called Gudbrand id est Godsword, is the most well known and favored Norwegian whey-cheese made from a combination of cow's whey and goat's whey. Swedes have their own industrial brand of whey dairy products called Fjällbrynt meaning the archaic 'Fell-worn' as in 'Mountain-fretted' as well as the more delectable farm produced variations of Getmese/Getmyssja id est Goat-whey, which is a soft whey cheese, usually spreadable and quite soft. Fjällbrynt has Messmör id est Whey-smear (Whey-butter) and a somewhat boring Mesost (Whey-cheese) made only from cow's whey.

The way I would recommend eating whey cheese products from the Nordic countries is on your favorite white bread with no butter (if spreadable/soft), and topped off with the best sun-ripened tomatoes you can possibly find depending on the season, weather et cetera. Perhaps served with a cold glass of cow's whole milk.

pink and green abstract art

Random shite available at ICA Supermarket Simonsons


Kron-ärt-skocks-hjärtan = Crown-pea-huddle-hearts (artichoke)
Soba = Buckwheat Noodles (Peking Duck Flavor)
Yaki-soba = 焼き蕎麦 = Grilled Buckwheat noodles
Prince Red Rich Cigarettes
Tupla = Dubbla = Double (Chocolate Bar by Finnish Cloetta)

time lapse photography of star

Salmiakki = Sal-ammoniac, a mineral consisting of ammonium chloride.
Used to flavor licorice.

Drinks & Ice Cream

Pucko, the unofficial Ice Hockey drink of Sweden. Delicious chocolate milk drink in its original form, in the picture you see the Original, Dark, and Mint. Pucko, as a word is derived from puck as in hockey puck. Pucko together with puckad is slang for idiot, implying that all puck sport players are uneducated and therefore idiots. The term pucko could be used for puck-chaser, and puckad could mean 'passed', 'hit with a puck' and 'possessing the puck'.

Pommac = Pomme + Cognac, non-alcholic soft drink made from amongst other things apples and raspberries.

CBS = Coop Butiker & Stormarknader AB 
Co-op. Boutiques & Supermarkets Share-Corporation


Erdinger - Earthling
Senapssill - Mustard-Pickled Herring
Pasta & Kyckling - Pasta & Chicken
Heineken - Heinrich/Henry
Semper - "Always the same" (roughly)

Don't worry Chimm, the baby food is all for me ;)

blue paint splash

ICA = Inköps-Centralernas Aktie-bolag | The Purchasing-Centrals' Share-Corporation


Nyponsoppa - Rosehip Soup
Blåbärssoppa - Blueberry Soup
Soba - Yakisoba
Somersby Rosé Cider
MER Hallon/Svartvinbär - MORE Raspberry/Black Currant
Powerade Citrus Lime / Lemon

light decorations in dark area

A message to BP

I ain't talking petrol here. Puhutko suomea?

Buckingham Palace Phonecall

Those pricks hung up on me

When all I wanted to check, was whether or not they are aware that Stephen Donald Black, "Don Black", is a motherfucking retarded scumbag. In a nice and polite way of course. Don Black of seems to be hiding from something. Unfortunately, he is a Stephen, and as we all know, Stefan of Sweden is a condemned liar.

Tolerance people! TOLERANCE GOD DAMMIT!

Redecorated some today!

One Folk, One Reich, One Tsar

light decorations in dark area

WARNING! This may contain high levels of Kombucha!

Finland-Swedish Lemonade

The strength, nay, MIGHT of the Sea-buckthorn id est the Finnberry has been put to the test. One full bottle of Mor Anna's Smultron wasn't enough to silence its bite. Saatana perkele!

Saatana is Finnish for Satan, meaning 'accuser', which by the way the Latin word 'indica' has a closely related meaning to. Indica when thought of as a form of indico means 'I indicate', 'I accuse', 'I betray', furthermore indica can also be thought of as a form of indicus, which then means Indian/Indic.

Perkele has been said to be an old word for the Pagan god of thunder, god of the sky and/or the supreme deity, like Baltic Percunis, Slavic Perun and Finnic Ukko. In the Karelian dialect of Finnish however, perkeleh simply means 'evil spirit'. Due to the Christianization of Finland, Perkele came to mean 'the Devil' since all Pagan gods were considered demons, though only in a religious sense as the roots of the words realistically cannot change.

Etymologically, Saatana Perkele means Accuser/Adversary Thundergod/Skygod.
Religiously, Saatana Perkele means Accuser/Adversary Devil/Demon.

A sizeable chunk of today's loot

The cloudberries were sold out

I make sad face :(

gray spiral artwork

Unofficial GIMP work

Needed a new wallpaper

You can't haaaave it, it's a bit....naughty

blue and red triangles wallpaper

This Philips 32" Smart-TV

Minutes ago donated to the Red Cross of Streamstrait.