About Me

Name: John Patrick Viktor Jokinen
Sexuality: Romantic Heterosexual
Date of Birth: 1987.04.01
Citizenship: Finland
Location: Sweden
Languages: English, Swedish
Stone: Diamond
Flowers: The Day's Eye (Daisy) & the Sweet Pea
Western Zodiac: Aries (Solar), Taurus (Lunar), Leo (Ascending)
Eastern Zodiac: The Fire Rabbit
Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia
Occupation: Unemployed Christ (King of Kings)
Religion: Jokinenian Christianity
Political Orientation: National Socialism, Theocracy
Status: Political Prisoner (Prisoner of Conscience)
Jungian Cognitive Functions: Ti = Se > Te = Si = Fi > Fe > Ne > Ni
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ISTJ
Enneagram Tritype: 1w9 > 2w1 > 5w6 (The Mentor)
Instinctual Enneagram Variant Stacking: so/sp
Socionics Type: LSI-0-ISTj
16 Personalities Type: ISTJ-A Guardian [Assertive Logistician]
Keirsey Temperament Type: Guardian [SJ]
HowToFascinate Archetype: Guardian [Power & Trust]
SeeMyPersonality Archetype: The Protector (BICAD)
iPersonic Type: Reliable Realist
Pod’Lair Mojo Type: Vai’zyy \\(#)
Social Styles 360: Analytical DRIVER
Gregorc Mind Style: Concrete Sequential
MSG Thinking Style: Conservative = Monarchic
StrengthsFinder 2.0 Typology: Individualization > Achiever > Responsibility > Strategic > Learner
Neo-Jungian Typology 0.9: ADE-COP-LS
Neo-Jungian Typology 2016: VCMGE-VAOFP (Practical Leader) > XCMGP-XAOFE (Practical Explorer)
Neo-Jungian Typology 4: ISTJ (Practical Leaders)
Mind Trackers Type: Executive [RDE-C]
Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix (Abridged): Executive Oldham Types: Conscientious > Solitary > Adventurous
Millon Types: Conscientious/Compulsive
Freud Type: Anal-retentive = Phallic-aggressive Spiritual > Advocate > Royal
Four Temperaments: Choleric (Leader) > Melancholic (Self-Reliant) > Sanguine (Sociable) >Phlegmatic (Sympathetic)
MOTIV Personality System: ACTIVRS (AcTIVrS: Thinking = Vital = Sectarian)
Global 5-SLOAN Multidimensional Type: RCOEN (sCOen: Calm = Organized)
Big 5-OCEAN Personality Traits Order: C > E > O > A > N
Big 5-OCEAN Celebrity/Villain Matches: Actor George Clooney/Admiral Karl Dönitz
Holland Types: Conventional > Social > Investigative
Gretchen Rubin Tendency: Questioner
96 Pix Personality Type: Humanitarian
Dominant Character Trait: Trustworthy
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Philosopher's Wheel: Essentialist-Spiritualist (34R-70S = Definitely Intellectual, Extremely Spiritual)
Aura Colors: Blue > Violet
Dark Triad: 54% Narcissism > 17% Psychopathy > 8% Machiavellianism (7.17% Lighter Than Average)
Mach IV Test Score: 34/100
Eysenck Personality Questionnaire: (Phlegmatic) Stable Introverted Psychotic Liar
Rorschach Test: Moderately Disturbed [A Realist That Almost Never Utilizes Imagination]


Lucia Day

What a day in the life of myself is has varied, yet I am asked to describe it here, today, as if you were a schooled psychiatrist.

I hear voices. These can be spoken of as souls, demons, spirits, angels et cetera. They are accompanied by visions and sensory emotions. What little I have needed from them I have gotten years ago.

The paranoid part of my alleged schizophrenia isn't due to any life threats, rather my quest for absolute truth which is tied to my religion and the fall of true Christianity following WW2. People simply no longer desire good nature when unforgiving, and the artificial and false is more convenient.

This, the perversion of humanity, is a loosely bundled up group working in disorganized union, a conspiracy, which doesn't quite know what to do with me.

Basically, it's Team True God (me) versus Team False God(s).


Mystic Doctor Day

Unless you've read my book manuscript, you may not know, though I am possessed (even into writing this).

For instance, when I practice the 4 tenets (4 apocalypse monkeys) method, which I do everyday in defense of the physical and spiritual realities, as soon as my mind is clear of foreign thoughts, emotions, visions or whatever, my body may start to suddenly speak or move around. Foreign words and involuntary motions. There is no choice involved in this, the only choice I have made starting several years ago is to completely ignore what I am certain is Satan. Satan is more of a concept after all, and not only a single entity.

I say Satan, as in the representation of the general will of the majority of people connected to my geographical and political region, which is Sweden and Finland. By extension, there are also the NATO countries, and the powers that won WWII, mainly the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Russia, not to mention the quite extensive European Union.

This is what each and every day has in common for me. And has had in common. And probably for some time, will have in common.