Deum.LosAngeles ~ God of Angels

This is God's domain

Can you feel me evaluating you with my burning hot squint?

The current and as of yet strongest soulmate prospect of God the Incarnation is

Not yet determined, maybe Nita Gunnar

Nita = Anita (Agnes) = Pure/Chaste/Lamb
Nita = Juanita = God is Gracious
Nita = Anita (Anna) = Mercy/Favor
Nita = Gunnita = Battle
Nita = Lenita = Torch/Moon/Shining/Tower
Nita = Monita = Madonna/Brave/Single/Noble/Lonely
Nita = Renita = Reborn/Might/Power/Reign
Nita = Ronita = Song/Joy
Nita = Sanita = Healthy/Lily
Gunnar = Gunþa-harjaR = Battle Warrior

Day of Wrath

OBSERVE! Do not trust any online translation of this chant. The English one on is false.

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